How to Baby Proof a Household (Part One)

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I have done my own research on this and found so much information that you can’t fit it all into just one article so we will start with the beginning and expect more articles to come.

Step One, information is everything.  The old adage that ‘knowledge is power’ is very true.  If you have never had a baby it is a completely different world.  Life as you know will change.  Join as many parenting websites, newsletters, even groups as you can.  Ask questions.  Really understand what you are getting into.

Step two, is something a lot of people forget when they are baby proofing their home.  It is budgeting the new life change you are going to have.  It has been estimated that a child from pregnancy to 18 will cost about a million dollars to raise.

Step three, analyze your diets.  It would surprise you but what you thought was healthy before you got pregnant is not so good for you know.  One would think raw food is a great thing but in all actuality it is good for you but not for the baby.  Their systems haven’t quite developed the necessary antibodies that yours has.  Cooking your food thoroughly will help to sterilize the food for the baby.

Many great diet tips are available to you through the websites that were named above.

In keeping in theme with step three, step four has to do with your household chemicals.  It would be good to start making your home more green.  Did you know that Baking Soda is a great scouring agent, vinegar makes for a good degreaser, toothpaste is a mild abrasive, corn starch does really starch clothes, lemon juice is like a natural bleach?  Eventually, you will want to clean up the chemicals when the baby is born, so it might be good to start now. 

Some helpful sites for this are; (this site has great recipes) and


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