Writing your first Article

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Bukisa is filled with many great articles. One way to think of ideas on what to write begins with you. Make a list of your interest. If you can not think of any due to your excitement. Write about the first thing that comes to your mind.

Once you choose the topic you will need to write a title for it. Try to keep it to three to four major words. You will be able to change the title if you need to so do not waste time if you can not think of anything. Just enter something.

You will need to write a short introduction to describe the title of your article. Think about how you would explain it if you had to tell someone quickly about your title.

Next you will get a chance to write. Writing can be fun and it is similar to blogging or typing an e-mail. The steps should be written so the person can understand the information clearly. Use describing words so the person may be able to visualize the concepts.

Always preview your work. You need to know how the writings will look once you are complete. In your first article, you may not have a lot of pictures. You can always edit what you write. Since this is your first article publish first then go search for photos to add.


*  Look for photos after publishing.
*  Add many pictures to your steps.


*  Copy/paste your work into a word document. This is to avoid a possible blip when saving your work.
*  Citations are important.


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