How to stencil for airbrushing.

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To get started you will want to do an original sketch or outline. Make sure to do your stencil on a pice of scrap paper so your not cutting into the paper your doing your art on. This will give you your stencil. once done with your outline you will place the masking film directly over the sketch. Now with your exacto knife you will cut out the outline of the sketch. You may leave the center and cut sections that will have a more defined edge that you may lift and replace. I found most of my supplies on

Step2 When airbrushing you want to build your colors from back to front. So you will want to pick a background color.

Step3 After laying your base colors, carefully pull the masking film from the sketch. Position your stencil where it fits in your scheme. Here you can start applying colors to the dragon by either removing the inside of the stencil copletely or just pulling back sections at a time. be carefull not to get over spray on the rest of your painting. You can do this by covering it with paper and taping it to the outside edge of your stencil.

Step4 Once your stencil is removed you can start doing your detailing. You can also start doing many other free hand images in your painting. This will get you started in the right direction and I hope I could help. Also check out my new sit at

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