Tips for security on messenger

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Not always click

Do not click on any link received by messenger until you first confirm that the person really wanted to send that link. Here are included links in messages received offline or “away” – this message “away” is often the target of viruses on messenger.

Watch your mail with attachments

Do not open attachments received unannounced – check that the person really wanted to send the attachment. Before opening any attachment, check it with an antivirus first.

More is not better

Keep the number of types used by the messenger as a kid. Messenger viruses are designed for certain customers, although viruses may be for all types of messages. For example, virus messenger FloodNet in 2002 he sent the message or viruses that users of AIM messenger, and MSN. Thus, as using more types of messages, with both increases the probability of giving more than a virus.

What to do if you are messenger virus

If however the messenger will be virus, remember that now all contacts list are vulnerable. To avoid sending itself to other people, you disconnect from the Internet until you manage to devirusati program. If you need access to the Internet to get an antivirus or an update, a friend asked to use their computer, and write files on a CD. If you can not, uninstall messenger until you manage to devirusati computer. Of course, if you daily updated antivirus, decrease your chances of a virus.


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