The Most Amazing Animal Camouflage

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 Pygmy sea horses


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These pygmy seahorses (Hippocampus bargibanti) are masters of disguise. They camouflage perfectly that you may have ignored of their existence. They’re only observed on gorgonians (sea fans) of the genus Muricella.

Leafy sea dragon


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Sea creature like leafy sea dragon also likes to blend with the surrounding, just like his other companions dwelling underwater. It mimics a bunch of undulating undersea fronds which can camouflage extremely well amongst sea weeds and corals.

Blue Ringed Octopus


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The Blue Ringed Octopus uses its camouflage to hide among the rocks. Whenever it’s threatened, the small iridescent blue rings will appear all over the surface of its skin that is served as a warning to its predator.

Green lynx spider


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The bright green coloration helps green lynx spider camouflage when it’s in foliage. This excellent camouflage helps it to blend well with the environment. This hunter then uses this camouflage to hide among shrubs and flowers and to ambush its prey including bees, moths, and butterflies.

Flat-tailed horned lizard


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This flat-tailed horned lizard (Phrynosoma m’callii) camouflages almost perfect with the sand color. This natural camouflage helps this iguana-like reptile to survive in desert terrain particularly to avoid itself from being detected by the predator.



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Flounder is a flatfish that dwells on the bottom of the ocean. It’s another wonderful master of camouflage and it blends perfectly with the mud or sand. While burying its body beneath the sand or mud, it’ll feed on anything swimming close to it.



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You can see a toad in almost every place. The toad is good at using its mimicry camouflage to adapt within the natural environment where it’s dwelt in. The coloration enables it to blend perfectly with dead wood or leaf litter on the forest floor.  When it’s half buried within the leaf litter, this toad is virtually invisible. As a predatory, the toad uses its camouflage to effectively capture its prey.

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