Guitar Hero World Tour Review

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Welcome to my review about Guitar Hero world tour, this review can apply to every console that world tour is avalible for, but please do note that some features will be different for each version such as the Xbox version of the guitar having the Xbox guide button.

So then World tour what does it offer to you?

Ease of use for newcomers 8/10

If your completely new to the whole world of Guitar Hero then the whole concept of Guitar Hero probably seems rather daunting to you, but fear not, Guitar Hero offers; Training modes, Beginners difficulty mode, and a thorough instruction book to help you on your way. The reason that I’ve not given it above an 8 is I still believe they could do more to help people new to the game, I think it should include what Rock Band does and make it possible too come back into the song once your rock meter is down to 0, this would prevent people from getting frustrated and turning the game off in anger (From previous experience Tongue)

Setlist 7/10

Ok then I’ll admit it I love the Guitar Hero world tour tracklist, so why have I given it a 7/10? I believe it doesn’t offer downloadable content frequently enough, sure the songs we get our awesome (In my opinion anyway) But what about after we’ve finished them? It’s ok releasing full albums to play on but what about if we don’t like that band? In my opinion it would of been far more practical to release 10 different bands songs with contrasting types of rock rather then one bands album which has 10 songs. If I was the makers of Guitar Hero I’d want to keep the whole community relativity happy rather then a minority which is extremely happy. But going back to my previous point, the songs they’ve included on World Tour (not including downloadable ones) Are excellent.

Fun Factor 7/10

This is slightly going to link in with my previous points, Guitar Hero is aboslutley amazing for newcomers and offers an experience you’ve most likely never had before but the main problem with Guitar Hero is how quickly it becomes repetitive, it’s ok for owners of the 360 as the Xbox mainly concentrates on online play, but what about for consoles like the Wii that simply don’t offer the same as the 360 does for Guitar Hero? There likely to get bored extremely quick. Guitar Hero’s around a 10/10 if your having a party or sleepover with friends, but on your own it loses it’s novelty, that’s why I’ve gave the fun factor a 7.

Controller 6/10

The real downfall for Guitar Hero has to be the controller, first I’ll list the good points about it. The controller looks and feels excellent, the layout of the buttons is outstanding and the colors used on the controller it self work well, so why did I give it a 6? The problem with the Guitar is it either won’t stop disconnecting for no reason, the strap falls off making you drop your Guitar if your not holding on, or the buttons become unresponsive, every instrument seems to suffer from this at some point, hopefully this issue has been resolved seeing as I bought my Guitar Hero when it first came out.

Conclusion 7/10

In conclusion regardless of all the downfalls I’ve said about World Tour, I still think it’s a must buy, especially for anyone wanting to experience Guitar Hero for the first time, the new tracks, guitar and characters make it a great game. Just make sure you keep your receipt as the game is prone to messing up. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review and it’s gave you an insight into the world of Guitar Hero! Smiley


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