Ebay – Your first time Selling

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For this tutorial I’m going to assume that you’ve set up an Ebay account for selling.

This guide’s going to be written based around the UK version of Ebay, but it applys to pretty much all the Ebays currently avalible.

Selling for the first time on Ebay can sound very daughnting. I myself have just recently sold for the first time on Ebay after reading numerous guides. I’ve decided to put the knowlage I’ve gained from them all into a small guide for your first time selling on Ebay.

1, Pictures Paint A Thousand Words.

That’s a common thing you’ll read within Ebay guides, and I believe it’s the most important. Put yourself into the perspective of a Buyer. If your going to be spending cash on an Item, your more then likely going to know fully what the item does, or else, why would you be purchasing it? So a picture of your product is vital, why? You may ask… because honesty is the best policy, if your item has a small chip on it’s casing make sure you portray this in your picture, also making it clear within your description. This will stop you getting bad feedback from your buyer, and even in an extreme case the buyer requesting their money back.

2, Pictures Aren’t Everything.

Ok, you may have painted those ‘thousand words’ with your picture, but as a potential buyer I’d want just that bit extra. That’s where your description comes in. Make sure you give an outline of it’s features, explain any faults, describe (if any) requirements you have from the seller. List how your going to mail the item. And, most importantly how you’d like to be paid.

3, You’ve sold your item, now what?

Make sure you wait until the sellers paid you, then either pay for the postage online or post it yourself at one of your local Post office. There isn’t much more to say, make sure your buyer leaves feedback for you first then leave it yourself. At the end of each month Ebay will take there selling fees from your Paypal (Which is often 10% of each sale)

Congratulations you’ve now completed your first Ebay sale. I hope this guide’s helped to give you an insight and good luck in the vast world of Ebay.


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