8 Reasons why you should choose Walking as Daily Exercise !

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After all –
· It is easier to walk
· Anybody can walk
· Even patients can walk (Though do consult with docs first)
· Do not need any equipment for walking
· It is not costly
· It offers many benefits which
Here are 8 benefits of Walking and why you should choose walking as Daily Exercise

1. Manage your weight
By walking, you can manage your weight. Walking is a physical activity, which helps you to burn extra calories. This helps in keeping your weight under control.

2. Reduces chances of many diseases
Walking can keep under control chances of many diseases. When you keep walking, you can minimize the chances of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, sleep apnea, oesteoarthritis etc.

3. Control your blood pressure
By walking, you can control your blood pressure. When you walk each and every day, your heart becomes powerful. A powerful heart can pump blood better without putting much pressure n the arteries. This is good for your body. Your blood pressure remains in control.

4. Decrease your risk of heart attack
Continuous walking every day can help you fight heart problems. As your heart becomes more powerful, so heart problem become fewer in number. According to research there is 30-40% lower risk of heart attack when you walk everyday.

5. Lower you chance of stroke
Walking everyday can do wonders to your chance of a stroke. It reduces the chance of a stroke considerably in man who walks everyday for half an hour.

6. Reduce your risk of breast cancer and type 2 diabetes
Walking reduces the risk of breast cancer and type 2 diabetes. These two are very dreaded disease, which kill thousands of people each and every year. It is not a bad idea to walk for half an hour everyday to get rid of these two diseases. Along with reduction in weight and fat in body, it also helps in reducing the chances of these two problems.

7. Boost beneficial cholesterol
Walking increases the level of high-density lipoproteins (HDL). These are good for your body. Walking again reduces the amount of low-density lipoproteins (LDL), which is harmful to your body. This LDL causes plaque in the artery wall. This plaque causes heart attack.

8. Reduce chance of gallstone surgery
Walking can also help you by reducing the chance of having gallstones. So you will not need a gallstone surgery to remove the problem. The chance of such a surgery is reduced by 20-30 % by walking


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