Natural Remedies for Curing Cirrhosis of the Liver

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Cirrhosis of the liver is one of the most serious hepatic diseases. It is a condition used to denote all forms of diseases of the liver characterized by the significant loss of cells. The liver gradually contracts in size and becomes leathery and hard.

The regenerative activity continues under liver cirrhosis but the progressive loss of liver cells exceeds cell replacement. A progressive distortion of the vascular system also takes place which interferes with the portal flow of blood through the liver. The further degeneration of the liver function and structure may ultimately lead to hepatic failure and consequently death.

The early stage of liver cirrhosis is characterized by symptoms such as gas and indigestion with occasional nausea and vomiting. There may also be loss of weight and abdominal pain. The patient develops a low grade fever in the advanced stage. He also has distended veins in the abdomen, jaundiced skin and bad breath. There may also be an appearance of reddish hair like markings on the face, arms, neck and trunks. There may be excessive bleeding from the stomach and the abdomen also becomes swollen and bloated.

The main cause of liver cirrhosis is the excessive consumption of alcohol for a long period. If the person does not abstain from alcohol the disease can progress to an end stage of hepatic failure. Other causes of liver cirrhosis include drug treatments for fever, syphilis and other diseases, excessive intake of highly seasoned foods; habitual intake of quinine for long period and also a toxic condition of the system.

Nature Cure for Cirrhosis of the liver: The treatment for liver cirrhosis should first commence by putting the patient on a complete bed rest and he must abstain completely from alcohol in any form. He should also adopt a juice fast for about six days for cleaning the liver. Freshly extracted juices of papaya, grapes, red beets and lemon should be taken during this period. Fresh and unboiled milk up to 1.5 litres can also be taken during the fast. If desired the milk should be slightly warmed.

The patient should thereafter switch to a well balanced diet after the fruit and milk diet. He should include vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds and fruits in his daily diet with more emphasis on raw organically grown fruits.

An adequate high protein diet is also essential in cirrhosis. Raw goat milk is the best source of complete proteins for a liver patient. The diet should also consist of sprouted seeds, grains, raw nuts especially almonds and home made raw cottage cheese. Vegetables such as squashes, butter, gourd, beets, tomato, plant carrot, radishes and papaya are also useful in this condition. All oils and fats should be excluded from diet for several weeks.

Foods such as strong tea, strong coffee, refined, processed and canned foods, condiments, spices, sugar, fried foods and all foods cooked in refined vegetable oil or butter should be avoided by the patient suffering from liver cirrhosis. Use of salts should be restricted. The patient should also avoid all chemical additives in food and poisons in water, air and environment.

A warm water enema should be administered daily during the treatment for cleansing the bowels. If there is chronic constipation all the necessary steps should be taken to remove it.

Application of alternate compress in the liver area followed by general wet sheet rub is also very helpful. Breathing and other exercises should also form a basic part of the daily health regimen.

Thus we can say that natural treatments have been found to be very effective in the treatment of liver cirrhosis and other related disorders.


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