Dragonball Evolution Review

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This is a review of the movie : Dragonball Evolution, that has already been released in Asia and parts of Europe and selected states in Austrailia. It’s going to land in the UK on Wednesday 8th April and North America on Friday 10th April.

The story is an adaptation of the Demon King Piccolo saga of the Dragonball series. There have been some changes noticibly Goku going to highscholl and Master Roshi not being bald. However the overall story is quite gripping.

It takes place on Goku’s 18th birthday, where he finds that his grandfather Gohan, was killed by Piccolo while he was at a party. He is told to find the dragonballs before the eclipse and to find Master Roshi in Paozu City. Later that morning he meets with Bulma Briefs to find her stolen dragonball.

The base of this movie is to find the dragonballs, before the eclipse so that they can banish Piccolo before his henchman Oozaru is called upon during the eclipse. This story you could imagine to be a “What if Scenario” popular from the Sparking/Budokai Tenkaichi video game series. What if Goku went high school(not a great plot), What if saiyans and piccolo teamed up?

Just a different take on dragonball, thats about the story, next is the acting. The acting is not at all great, if you’ve seen the two english dubs, I believe they did a much better job. In some areas the acting was outstanding but it was as if there character story didnt develop during the film. It’s as if the fans only know how they are, seeing as this film is a small part of a triology it’s expected that this is just only a small taste before the big thing in the Dragonball Z part of the film. Im not sure on who could replace who but in my opinion I think the cast is not bad.

The effects are amazing but you have a short time to be amazed at them, the Piccolo Goku fight only lasts a minute or two, but those seconds of ki blast fighting is quite average. The Oozauru is not a giant ape, hes an ape but only a few feet taller than a normal adult, which is quite a disappointment. The dragon isnt at all great, from the anime and manga it’s supposed to be very long and green, though the animation of the dragonballs summoning the dragon is quite spectacular and how the dragon disappears.

So in the end I will give this movie a 3/5, Story line is good, despite small amount of special effects the final fight is amazing. Character emotion could have been shown on other characters, the final fight could have been longer.


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