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Amongst all the other methods of making money online , i personally like making money with youtube .

Why ? , well that because youtube has a lot of benefits over other methods of making money online ,

Firstly , their videos get indexed by google very easily , the can cause a viewer a perform an action ,

they are very easy to understand and they stick to the viewers memory for a long time ,

if made properly .

Getting back to the topic for today  , that is making money quickly and easily , through youtube videos ,

we will first do a quick research on keywords that do not have video results on google , and then make

a video with that partiicular title .

Just as an example for this article , i have mentioned a few keywords below .

” how to make a solar cooker ”

” how to drive fast and safe ”


Once you have finished making the video with those titles , its time to get them indexed on google .

So , now you can go and bookmark these videos to your own favourite social bookmarking sites .

You might say that social bookmarking is very boring and time consuming , and you are absolutely

right , but not until you are using social bookmarker ,

Also make sure that you leave a few comments to your own videos through other ids , or at least encourage

the viewers to leave comments for you ,

Now within 24 hours , you will see that your videos will be on number 1 for that search result .

which means a lot of money for you .

In the past few days i made $75 per video , through cpa offers .

Hope u liked this trick , thanks for reading .

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