The Rise of Atherios 5

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Atherios and Ellesmere arrived into the presence of Master Orthios and humbly bowed at his feet.

“We have arrived upon your request master.” said Ellesmere. “Yes,” said master Orthios. “That

of course is why you have come to me this very evening, but not only that you have come because

I have sent for you.” Master Orthios continued. “It is because we are destined to be here at this very moment.”

“What?!” exclaimed Atherios an Ellesemere at the same time. Both of whom were very confused as to why it was

“destined” for them to be here. “What do you mean that we are destined to be here?” Asked Ellesemere.

“That,” said master Orthios, “will become quite clear in the near future.” “But,” continued Master Orthios,

“Is not the reason i have called you two down here, the reason that i have called you two down here is simple.”

“Master??” began Ellesemere, who was immediately cut off by Master Orthios. “As was saying,” said Master Orthios.

“The reason I have called you two down here is to tell you that once your training is finished here, you will have,

Theoretically, close to no places to live, the reason that I have told you this is so that when you are ready to do so,

you will be able to find a secret location to hi?, I mean, to live after training.” “Why do we need to find a place to

live when training our training is over?” asked Ellesemere. “Because,” said Master Orthios. “Dralios knows about the

planet,?his kingdom, having secret training societies.” “But how could he find out about something like this?” asked

Atherios. “I don’t quite know.” said Master Orthios as he turned to face Atherios. “There is a war coming, and it’s

not going to be a good one,” said Master Orthios “Let’s just hope we make it through.”

After this Master Orthios dismissed them to leave.

The next day, Atherios was deeply in thought , deciding whether he should have Ellesemere’s father craft him a

weapon or not. Atherios wondered if it would be the right thing to do; was is right to just accept a gift from somwone

he did not know? Sure, he knew Ellesemere, but he felt he should know her father better; he needed to know her father

like he knew her, So Atherios asked Ellesemere if he could sit down with her father and get aqcainted with him.

“Do you think it’s possible for me to meet your father and get to know him a little better?” asked Atherios.

Ellesemere was confused at this question and had to think about it. “Yes, i suppose that it is possible.” she replied

“I don’t think he is that busy.” “Okay, thanks.” said Atherios.

Atherios was suprised with how easy it was to request a meeting with Ellesemere’s father at such a short notice,

Atherios felt as if he were in a dream, his wishes were becoming a reality! Atherios looked over at Ellesemere, dazed

into a trance, as if she were staring off into space, waiting or wishing for something to happen but did not. Perhaps she was

thinking about the future to come, or thinking about the past. Atherios could not ever know for sure. Atherios thought for a

second, as he and Ellesemere were stiring along the dirt road, deciding to break the silence was of the essence, so Atherios

did this. “What do you do in your spare time….Er, When you get done training?” asked Atherios.”Well,” said Ellesemere, “It

is kind of hard to explain that kind of information with just any individual, but I will tell you, come, follow me.”

The two of them continued to walk down the weather-beaten path they had been walking on. It seemed to Atherios as if they had

been walking for an eternity, until they had promptly stopped, in front of them, a sign that read “Warning,!, those crossing this point

are subject for identification check, and can be eliminated if necassary.” “Weird,” said Atherios. “Yeah, must be the likings of Dralios.”

said Ellesemere. “Agreed.” said Atherios. “Why is he doing this?” “i haven’t the slightest clue.” replied Ellesemere. The two of them

stood there gazing up at the sign that they had just encountered.

Shortly after the little time they had stood in front of the sign thinking of it’s deep, hidden meaning, but found none. The two of them,

not, satisfied with the sign, decided to move on, to get back to the reason they had walked this far; to see what Ellesemere does in her

free time, after she is done training. Atherios turned to face Ellesemere as they arrived another dirt trail, upon which was long andhad an enclosed space, shielded by charms and spells, was protected clearly by magic.

Ellesemere turned to face Atherios and spoke. “Well, we are here.” “Let’s go inside.” said Atherios. Upon this, the two of them walked

eagerly down the worn, weather-beaten path, towards the building at the end. As Atherios and Ellesemere arrived in the front of the building,

the atmosphere around it seemed to quiver, then bend and shake around them with certain intensity. Before them, the mis-shapened, condemned

building, had transformed right before their eyes into a luxurious, spacious, well-equiped training grounds.

“It’s big.” said Atherios. “I know.” said Ellesemere. “Do you want to go inside?” asked Ellesemere. “Let’s.” replied Atherios.

Ellesemere led Atherios through the door. Atherios, excited to enter this place that he was unfamiliar with, stepped over the threshold of the

door, felt a change in the atmosphere.

Atherios took no thought at this sudden change and continued to walk further into the building. Suddenly, Atherios was thrust down onto the

floor with great suprise as he asked Ellesemere.”What just happened?” “In this room,” said Ellesemere. “I train at seven and a half times the gravity

of Athios.” Atherios, struggling to get up to his feet, was having trouble speaking also. “This-er-is-amazing.” said Atherios, finally able to stand up.

When Atherios stood up, however, he was having trouble keeping his balance. Atherios slowly turned to look at Ellesemere. When Atherios had accomplished this

feat, he seen Ellesemere hopping along the inside of the building as if it was the way that they had been walking outside all along.

Atherios, with complete and utter astonishment, asked Ellesemere how she was able to do this, she simply replied “I train in this every day, of course i’m

used to it.” Then Ellesemere continued “Well, what should we begin with?” asked Ellesemere. “I think” aid Atherios. “That you should teach me how to walk

in these “coditions”.” “That is not going to happen overnight Atherios.” said Ellesemere. “I know.” aid Atherios, but continued on, “But I want to be as

good as you.” “I am flattered that you think that I am “Good”, but I am not as good as you seem to think that I am.” said Ellesemere. “I have not even

begun to breach level 2 of my training, I have just learned how to walk under these conditions and it’s not as easy as I seem to make it look to you.”

said Ellesemere to Atherios. “So, When do we begin training?” asked Atherios. “Now.” said Ellesemere, and as she said this, she unsheathed her sword,

vibrant with a blueish-green glow and had a gold blade, it look beautiful but dangerous as she weld it in front of him. Atherios could feel the energy

radiating from the sword as she stood there twenty feet away from him, and he did not feel scared, but instead, felt a challenge to overcome his weaknesses.

“Arm yourself.” said Ellesmere. And Atherios looked around at all of the weapons hanging on the walls before him. He had an inventory to choose from.


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