The Rise of Atherios 4

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As Atherios and Ellesemere were about to exit the tunnel, a voice spoke to the two of them, the voice came from all around them. They could not see who the voice was coming from, but yet somehow they knew that the voice belonged to master Orthios. The voice spoke out to them and said.”You cannot leave yet..” Atherios and Ellesemere were deeply confused as to why they could not leave at the present moment. The voice continued on with the magically enchanting message it was saying. “I must speak to both of you, please speak to me after training today.” Atherios and Ellesemere were again, confused but not as much as they were before, why the master, their own mentor, would want to talk to them personally. “Maybe he has a secret mission for us.” said Ellesemere. “Or,” said Atherios, “We may be doing something he might not like too well.”

Atherios was thinking about how Ellesemere offered him a weapon, and since the day of training, how she has been tagging along with him ever since. “So.” Atherios said. “Do you like me?” he asked her. Ellesemere, shocked by the unexpected question, blushed, smiled and quickly asked “Why do you ask that?” “Because.” said Atherios. “Ever since you met me, you and I have been training together, and you offered me a weapon.” Atherios said. “Plus I kind of like you myself.” Ellesemere, ignored Atherios and was shy to answer him up front. So she answered him half-heartedly and said “I don’t know.”

With this, Atherios suggested that they go to see what master Orthios wanted to speak to them about. The walk through the tunnels was a long one indeed with the events of the day and what Atherios had said. Thoughts were running wildly through his head as to what master Orthios had wanted to speak to him and Ellesemere about. But one thought remained in his head and that was he was going to get a straight answer from Ellesemere.

Atherios wanted nothing more at the moment to know the truth that there was a slight possibility that someone could like him. Upon the thought leaving his head, They walked into the orientation room, a room at which new trainers get spoken to on training levels and how they work. At that moment, Atherios and Ellesemere arrived into the presence of master Orthios.


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