Once upon of time a woman in love Part I

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Once upon of time in the Mingleland there was this guy who wanted to find someone special to share his life with or at least have a chance to do so. He searches and searches all over the place until he found this face. This beautifull creature; he thought “maybe she is the one, she could be.” He tried at first to steal her heart away with little notes of love; notes of desire, but he failed. It wasn’t because of anything he said; in fact she like the idea, the posibility of falling in love, but the true is, there’s a story behind her no. The story is, she quit love a long time ago, she could not believe that there was someone out there that could love her with all the package that she was carrying over her shoulders. Who can want me, I’m single mother of two, one with special needs and no job at all, living with my mother. Definetly I’m not a good catch. That’s what she thought all the time. So she blow him away and he left. After a while she felt that something was missing in her life, maybe his little short notes. So she wrote him again and for some reason, he came back. They tried to find each other in a different tune and by some faith they did.

They exchange then a different kind of conversation, he made her laugh at one point and she use in response one love you, it came so natural to her. He was glad but then he read on the chat: “oops I have said too much, I didn’t mean it,” maybe it wasn’t a real I love you after all, he thought. But after a while of conversations, words fell for themselves. Love fell into place and it came so much true with one phonecall. When he answered and she listened to his voice, something happened, something quite magical. She said some words, she felt like she couldn’t breath, seconds after that, the conversation was over. But it was then when she knew just like that song; that something was wrong up on cloud number nine.

Time pass and now at that point of the story; it had been almost a month and in that time they have exchanged words of joy, happiness, sadness, love, faith, even marriage. You can see all of that and more in the horizon of their lives. It didn’t seem real but it was there: Two souls falling in love and maybe for the first time. It wasn’t a traditional relationship, but tradional hadn’t worked for them in the past so they said to themselves why not trying something new.

Time passes by so fast and now let me tell you what had happened when it had been 8 months: Well let’s see: It had been 8 months as I said since that phonecall and so many others. They have been there for each other constantly one way or another. People have told them that they are crazy but they think it’s the envy talking. Others have said how happy they are for them. They have been tempted I don’t know how many times, but for some reason they deny the opportunity of being temted. What I mean it’s they follow the path of their hearts and kept the love for each other to grow more and more. In those days they were about to meet in a few weeks, they were going to face their reality for the first time. She wanted to meet him at the airport but he said no. He wanted to look nice for her so he asked her to meet him at his hotel, at the restaurant.

Back then it was 8 o’clock and she was waiting and waiting for him, but she couldn’t wait no more so she walked towards the elevator and when the door opened, he was there, she couldn’t move, she kept still and it was the same for him. The door then closed again. After a few seconds later they click on the botton at the same time to open the door and when it did, he was the one to react. He gave her his hand and when she took it; he pulled her close to his chest and he looked at her like he wanted to take a picture. The door closed and they lost themselves in that small space. Eight floors up and down were the proof that there was something cooking in the kitchen. Now they were hungry.

When they were at the table in front of the menus. He said: “So what is good here?” She answered: “I thought you knew” and he in returned said: “Yeah! I know, but besides from you what is good here?” and he kissed her again. After they eaten; they went for a walk, they were holding hands, they walked like ten steps and he couldn’t resist and kissed her on her neck. It seem that what they had on paper they also had it in real life. After a while of walking and kissing he asked her about the kids and she said: “Everything must be ok. otherwise my Mom would’ve called me by now.” But she needed to get home already. Suddenly he asked the question but not that one that you imagine he said: “Does she know about me?”


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