The Rise of Atherios 2

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Thinking for a short period of time, Atherios decided he would go through the tunnel. As Atherios was strolling along at a decent pace, Atherios was stunned as to the fact he had a sword craned against his neck. Atherios stood still thoughts running through his mind like a madman, what’s going on?, am i going to die? As Atherios was wondering what was going to happen, a calm, cool, soothing voice slowly said “Who are you pasing through this tunnel?” Atherios was astonished, he did’nt know quite what to say, so as to he just started training and his life was already in danger! So Atherios ventured into the unknown. “Who are you? asked Atherios.

Realizing that the boy she had was a beginner, she let him go and thrust her hand out. “I’m Ellesmere.” said the young woman. “And you are?” she asked. Glad that his life was no longer in danger, Atherios told her his name. Ellesmere and Atherios decided to exit the tunnel and go train where it was not as dark. Atherios was thinking, “how could master Orthios have chosen a girl to do training for a resistance, it was absurd!” Ellesmere, as they were walking out of the tunnel, decided to ask Atherios if he wanted to duel with her to increase training. Atherios agreed to this. Ellesmere and Atherios begun to duel, as the duel went on, both students were amazed at the other’s capabilities, Atherios because she was really skilled at swordmanship, and Ellesmere at Atherios because of how much he knew of sworplay at his level of experience. When the two were finished dueling, they went to the village to go home to get some rest for the next day of training.

The next day, Atherios was woken by a gentle rapping at his door. “I wonder who that could be?” said Atherios. As soon as he opened the door an energetic Ellesmere almost knocked him off of his feet and said “we must go train before we miss today’s lesson.” “Oh.” said Atherios. “ok” this said, the two practically ran to the underground training grounds which they were almost late to. Master Orthios explained what they must do for training that day.


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