Smileys or Emoticons Smileys or Emoticons

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Emoticons are the new toy that everyone is using in emails and instant messaging. Yes, some are kind of cute and creative but do you know what they mean? People use these little sideways faces created with letters and or punctuation as shorthand for emotions and expressions.

Do you love them or hate them? With all the words in the English language do we need to dumb it down even more?

Oh, sure. Why not, they’re cute.



Difficulty: Easy


Smileys in email Smileys in email Here is a quick smiley dictionary for you to use.

🙂 I’m smiling, laughing, or just kidding

🙁 I’m frowning, unhappy, bummed out

😉 I’m winking or making a joke

:-0 I’m shocked! or Yelling!!


Download them on the Internet Download them on the Internet ==:-0 I’m so shocked that my hair is sticking straight up

😀 A huge grin

😛 Sticking my tongue out

:,-) Happy tears

Google Smilley Google Smilley %-( I am unhappy and confused

:-# I’m wearing braces

😡 My lips are sealed

{:{) I have a toupee and a mustache

Have Fun lol laugh out loud


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