How to understand your pet

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Pets are now dearly loved members of the family, live inside the house and even sleep in the family bed so in fact we are no longer taking care of them as animals and expecting them to response as humans. 

Here some tips on how to communicate and understand your pet:

How do you want somebody to treat you?  Yep.  That is how you will treat your pet.  Present a clear picture for your pet of exactly what makes you happy.

Include your pet in conversation activity and outings. It is not communicate back to you in the same language but you can feel his intention and thus their response as a result. 

Let them be part of the decision making regarding exercise.

You need to understand that pets have emotions and they are dealing with situation like little babies, kids going to school, particularly divorce and grandparent moving in etc. In other words, the family represents a remarkable part in influencing the pet’s behavior, intelligence and character. 

They are also very curious creature for example, if your cat bothers you because you talk with somebody in the phone, it might “dye” to know with whom you are talking. 

Intention is universal and you can see that the animal’s response done via intention the same as in human.

Spend time emphasizing the things the pet does right than does wrong, and practically, what you inflow to your pet is what you get out of your pet. 

Pets are beings and should be treated at least as such.  You will be surprise to watch their positive response in different astonishing ways, if you will treat it with respect and love.

Give your pets’ high hope and belief considering their own abilities and they will reach for the stars trying to make you happy.  If you contradict them by constantly telling them how discontented you are with their behavior, you will rip apart their confidence and self esteem, making it impossible for them to believe in you and/or in themselves. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to give your pet a hug and a kiss! 


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