Recession Proof Health part5

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Every time I think this series is done, I remember 5 more ways to stay healthy in The Recession. In 1-4 of the series How To Stay Healthy in The Recession, we discussed water, eating out, nature, God, positive attitude, cigarettes, veggies, enzymes , generosity, milk, fresh foods, forgiveness, meat, drugs, prayer, and gratitude.
Now I will show you 5 more helpful hints to help you and your families thrive during the Recession.

Warning: * Has been known to cause euphoria, weight loss and miracles.

aero-garden. Handy folks can make this!
Build a garden . Gone are the days where gardening meant getting down on your hands and knees and going through mounds of dirt. While this may be the best source of exercise and union with nature that some folks will ever get, lack of a backyard, time, ability to kneel are no longer reasons to not have fresh fruit at your fingertips. Today there are tons of modern ways to have full-blown gardens on your rooftop or small terrace. Keyhole gardens, bag gardens and kitchen hydroponic growers can all be built by hand and all bring a much higher yield (because bugs, children and animals cannot get to them) of readily available food that is Organic as well.
Train yourself to eat less. Studies show that people who eat small Childlike portions at every meal are thin as a rule and most importantly live a great deal longer with considerably more body strength and endurance and significantly less health problems. In a crisis, the strongest people , physically and emotionally, will be the one’s with fewer needs.
Read biographies and autobiographies to bolster your reserves of emotio-spiritual strength and inspiration. Many people we admire have gone through a great deal more than us . Find out how they persevered to excellence in education without any electricity; how they make a dollar out of 15cents; how they were raised with good solid morals in a one room apartment as the middle child in a family of 12 before going on to change the world as an adult. Let these Real people show you how impossible does not exist outside of your imagination.

Throw away everything you have not used or even seen in more than 6 months! Recycle it, reuse it, anything. Just get a move on. Drop the dead weight, get a perspective on material ownership. Its just stuff. Sell it if you must but for goodness sake , understand that you could be anywhere in 1 year and you won’t get very far with all your baggage. Material baggage has a way of creeping into and maintaining dead weight in your emotional sphere as well.
Make room for all the wonderful things that life wants to bring you, if only you had room for more. Reorganize your life: Time management guru David Allen has an incredible Audio Book called Getting Things Done. It’s targeted to help busy CEO’s get their private lives back, but then it’s just the ticket for frazzled WAHMs and overwhelmed people in general. David says that the source of much stress is the continuous nagging sensation that we are always forgetting to do something. Truly relaxed people always know what they are NOT doing at any given time and as a result are able to enjoy their downtime freely. Significantly less guilt, stress and sky-rocketing positive productivity is the pay off.


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