How to Eat Right and Smart to Boost Your Health and Losing Weight

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drinkwater_Thumb.jpg Load up on vegetables, since veggies are full of vitamins and minerals, and you can never go wrong by eating them all they long in any amount you want, whenever you want. They are reducing cholesterol and aid to stabilize blood sugar levels. So there you are.

fruitsalad_Thumb.jpg Fruits like veggies full with fibers, vitamins, minerals and water. The fibers help to be filled up so you will have less room for fat. Whole fruit is more recommended than juice as juice has high-level calories. So make a target of eating three fruits per day. You can mix them in salad fruit and add more which add more variety and different vitamins and minerals. I am targeting the color of the salad, one-day yellow, red, blue etc. Different colors compose of different varieties of vitamins and minerals, which contribute differently with its different functions to the body. Promote health and appetite for healthy mix.

increasingmetabolism_Thumb.jpg The motto is filling up on fiber. Let me clear few terms here that probably you have seen it so many times on food labels only I am almost certain that you don’t have the full meaning of its definitions. The terms are soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.

looseweight_Thumb.jpg Insoluble fiber is a benefit for digestive healthiness that avoids illness as constipation and hemorrhoids. They are in fruits, vegetables and seeds.

stomachcramps_Thumb.jpg The soluble fiber prevent wide arrange of changes in blood sugar levels and delaying energy from outburst normally out therefore reducing diabetes risk and cholesterol. You find these fibers in apples, citrus fruits, beans, barley and sweet potatoes. However don’t eat too much of these as they will causing the body to bloat while at the same time, reduce the absorption of important vitamins and minerals.

Insoluablefibers_Thumb.jpg Among the grain family, a healthy choice would be Whole grains, oatmeal and brown rice.

fish_Thumb.jpg Protein should be skinny. You need about 0.5-gram protein per pound of body weight and not more than that.

badfatbrothers_Thumb.jpg To recognize between the good fat and bad fat is easy.

badfat_Thumb.jpg Any bad fat is solid as margarine, butter the fat in red meat, cookies crackers etc.

goodfat_Thumb.jpg The good fat are liquids and will not raise your cholesterol but on the contrary, it will help to reduce it.

brothers_Thumb.jpg Watch out of saturated fat and trans fat. If you allergic, it will act as sheer poison in raising the bad cholesterol and promote heart attack, as it is inflame the main organ of the body as Heart, greasing the liver, block kidneys function, digestive track, lungs, chest, etc. Saturated fat would be margarine, vegetable oils, red meat, dairy, baked goods and evil oils. At the other hand, raise the good fat.

The good fat is olive oil, nuts, fish, avocado, omega 3 fats, flax oil, etc.


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