Attract Women in The Recession

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This article will show you how to attract women and get a date in an economic recession, no matter what your present financial situation. Take heart brothers, women know you are saving all your cash for the other shoe to drop and we respect it. Throwing money around (even if you could) would only seem inappropriate and somehow out of place at this time. I mean if she could feed her kids for a week with what you want to throw away at Chez Roberts, she might even think you’re an inconsiderate jerk.

So instead, show her how fun you can be, without spending money. Getting a date in the recession is all about being creative. Ask yourself, what did your grandfather fathers do to get a date during the Great Depression, heck, what did you do in the 70’s and 80’s for that matter? They must have gotten some success because studies show the highest birthrates just months after dark periods like War World 2. That is where we got all these Baby Boomers from.

It’s because, during recessions, people naturally band together, go to church picnics and generally engage in a lot more “normal” activities than boom times where our money serves to separate us and create legions of lonely single people. Maybe money isn’t the answer to our problems. Look at what our money has bought us, look at what we have become, a nation of lonely fat people with lots of fancy appliances.

So, get up from your computers men and take a walk down to the church or local library on the corner, get involved, because nobody should be alone during these hard times and some of the most fun times for dating in history have been recessions.

Be relieved that the Recession levels the playing field somewhat. No longer are you expected to drive a German sports car or SUV to be considered worthy of spending time with. This means that all guys are just guys again. So be comforted and don’t let the over proportionate expectations of women in the 90’s stop you from asking out any girl you want.

Accentuate the positive. Because you had it easy when money was all you needed to get a date, you may have slacked off on other skills. Now you must show off an arsenal of diplomacy, good hygiene and refined personality traits to make it happen. What’s your greatest asset? Your sense of humor? Your abs? Your artistic abilities? Your intellect? Your face? Find it and accentuate the positive. If you don’t have experience, get some- read, the library is free.

Eliminate the negative. Brush up on your conversational skills and lose the emotional baggage. Now more than ever it’s important to seem emotionally stable no matter how much dough you may or may not have. If you’ve got a savior complex that requires your woman to have fewer assets than you for you to feel good about yourself, get therapy. Women want whole men, in the absence of this we’ll settle for rich ones- just like men want whole women but will settle for beautiful Ones.

Be creative. Now more than ever people are going to want to dance the night away in juke joints and girls will want to go to fun places like amusement parks. Take her to the first month-free mambo lessons you won, ask her to help out with you on the soup lines or at the Food bank. I don’t care what your last job was, nothings more fun than a BYOB (Bring your own bottle) party. Think back to what you did in high school or college and have fun with it. What’s you hobby? See what she’s really made of, invite her along.

Use your resources, get a free private screening from your cousin that works in that movie theater. She’ll always say yes to creative ideas to do things she’s never done before. Women don’t want guys with money, we want the exciting guys but we’ll take one’s with money if we can’t have the adventurous kind. Be creative and sincere and she’ll know you are definitively not like the “other guys” who just want “to get in her pants”.

If you do just want “to get in her pants”, then who cares about money, the Internet is teaming with people offering to be “friends without benefits”. Anyway, Isn’t that term just something that gold-diggers made up in 2005 to get sex from a cute broke guy without having to be his actual girlfriend (just in case someone richer came along)?

Know what you want. Don’t believe the hype and don’t make money an excuse. Easy girls don’t need money to have sex with you (a beer maybe) and quality women can’t be bought at any price.


  • most women looking for a savior to bail them out wont be around to thank you when you go broke anyway, so why waste a dinner until you know that she can at least be a real friend to you when the going gets tough.
  • Why not offer to cook her dinner or invite her on a picnic in the park, where all the entertainment is free. It will be just like dinner and a show for the price of coffee.
  • When in doubt, try a different type of girl than the one’s you used to. You may be happy that you were more flexible and discover a whole new universe of women that you never knew existed.
  • Until you know her really well, refrain from sharing your hard luck stories with her. Misery loves company and your not trying to get with someone who will reduce you to crying in your soup- and neither is she. Forget your troubles and be light.

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