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My deep sorrow and loss somewhat abated, this month I decided it was time I handled this costly thorn in my side.  I elected to add up the amount I had paid for those seven awful days of vacation.  I added up the monthly payments to The Bureaus, the year that I paid monthly to Cost-Cost, the money I paid to secure the attorney, and the amount The Bureaus said I still owed.  I also learned that MBN had been bought by BofA, and no longer exists. If this company no longer exists, and given that  I  paid this much, this long, (remember, I contacted them to settle),  why do they still bug me?  The total amount if I paid The Bureaus in full totaled more than $15,000.  Then, I decided to look up The Bureaus on-line

The Bureaus has an elaborate web site.  I learned that it’s an investment company. Among other endeavors, they make money off me with no signed contract, for no purchase, and with no intent to do anything other than take money from me.  Since when did an investment company become a collection agency?  They must be as successful, but it seems akin to AIG, it’s high-level bonuses, greed and deceit.  What they have gotten from me to-date because I tried to act in good faith, is criminal, and it has been quite lucrative for them. 

Outraged, I wrote my congressman, Baca.  I understood that he is on the sub-committee that deals with credit card issues.  The pleasant letter he sent me back did not indicate that he had an interest in my affairs, only that he was “working hard” for me.  I wrote Senator Boxer twice.  Her letter was nice, and she too let me know she was “working hard” for me.   Funny, I received letters from both of them asking for a donation so they can “work hard” for me, but neither even tried to respond directly to this challenge.  Given past practices, why am I surprised?  And to think, I really looked up to Ms. Boxer!!  I know she is busy, but she does not fail to request my support.

I have told my friends about my problem.  They think I was insane for paying this long on this account.  They suggest that we may need to have a consumer revolt and refuse to pay credit cards companies and collection agencies for one quarter, beginning in May 2009.   I prayed about it, and whether we take this action or not, I will not pay The Bureau’s another dime!  I emailed The Bureaus and told them so. I have not heard a response, but receive a bill from them and a call from Tony.  This month I was billed for more than $10,000.  I understand that there is a planned citizen’s revolt.  I will be there.

To solve the problem I want this to be removed from my credit report.  I want the amount I have paid to The Bureaus to suffice up to the $2200 MBN asked for settlement, I want no notations of bad credit on my credit report, I want a refund, and I want the case to be closed. I want to be able to sell my “membership” at K Ranch without a fee.   As an investment corporation, they have used power to make a profit.  They can threaten me and ruin my credit, but I have no such authority when I have been wronged.   I wrote as much in the recent email I sent to them.

Here is what I paid for six plus unsatisfactory days of camping.  I have also included the amount they say I still owe.

1.            Cost of K Ranch “membership” that was sold as a time-share: $6500.

2.            Here is what these trips totaled ~7 days has cost me so far:

My payments to“Cost-Cost”   $84. Monthly for 1+ year            = $1092+

My payments to The Bureaus @ $84 per month for 4+years                = $4536+

                        Total I paid so far                                                        = $5728+

3.            What I am still billed for as of today                                       =$10,000+           


         Total                                                                                            =15,728

         PLUS, Cost of attorney to work on this account                        $1500

MBN, now Bank of America and its  bankers got substantially more for bailout bonuses.  Even intimidation is not sufficient to make me pay The Bureaus more.  I charge that they owe me for harassment, intimidation and overpayment.

I look forward to their reply and resolution of my complaint.   If you cannot figure out the companies’ names, let me know.

(Of course Tony made her monthly call, and said she had not received the email).  Maybe, perhaps The Bureaus will read this published account of the impact on my life!  This is abuse and must stop.


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