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I try to remain positive and optimistic, even in the midst of drama.  So even when the ride-alongs suggested that we had been treated badly at Earp Park, I refused to go there.  Instead, I assumed that there had been an event that rendered staff less that efficient.  I quickly began to arrange a trip to another member RV park.  I learned that I could fish at the park in Cherry Park.    It was closer to my home.   I loved to fish, and so planned a trip shortly after the Earp, CA trip.   Stella agreed to take her RV along, as well.

Cherry Park staff was strained and less than friendly.  Again, huge RV’s were in the majority, and this was a smaller park.  I had invited my daughter, who was seven months pregnant, and her three year old.  The “fishing” was a small catch and release pond.  To my surprise, Ed was now living on grounds at Cherry Park.  The groupie said that he had disagreements K Ranch, and was now living at Cherry Park.  He had divorced his new wife, and was now dating two other some ones at Cherry Park.

Ed showed up later that day.  He was unshaven, crumpled, smelled like stale beer and had a bad attitude.  It seemed that Stella  had visited this park several times during the past year and knew he now lived there. She reintroduced me.  Ed remembered me only because he remembered giving Stella, ‘my friend” a “special deal on a membership” for bringing me to him.  Listening to their conversation I learned that she had a “provisional” membership.  She would need to pay a lump sum partial payment by a coming date to retain membership.  From what I heard, she had earned about one-third of her membership by recruiting me.

Stella had not bothered to mention that fact to me.  She had tried to divert his conversation, but by now, me, the “fool” had heard that her deal was quite different than mine.  I did not like knowing that she had not paid the sixty-five hundred dollars that I was paying to the company.  I guess you could say I felt betrayed.  When I asked, she said that her credit was not good, so they had made special arrangements for her.

 Later, the same evening we arrived, my daughter became ill, the kind that pregnancy can engender worry.  Early the next morning I spoke with the staff and let them know I needed to take her to the doctor.  Cherry Park staff told me I could not leave the RV unattended.  I had my car, and my daughter could not drive, so told them I would return asap.  The staff said I could not leave the RV in the slot, even though there were many vacant slots.  Sternly they said the RV had to be moved. After much discussion they allowed me to park temporarily in their “parking lot” for twenty dollars. I returned the next day to resume camping, only to be told that I had to wait at least seven days before I could return to camp.

Unhappy, I returned home and wrote the company.  I informed them that I was not pleased with the services I had received.  By then, I had paid on the time-share for more than a year.  I asked to be released from the agreement immediately.  The letter was pleasant, yet firm.  I asked them to work with me to settle the agreement.  I did not want to detail my dissatisfaction, but I was very disappointed.  I just wanted out.  I had to read the small print on the “Coast-Coast” bill and found three addresses.  I sent a copy of the letter to all three addresses.  I heard nothing for six months.

I received a strange call from a company who identified itself as MBN, a credit card company saying that I was in arrears with them for a credit debt.  I disputed them, saying that I did not have credit with them.  They insisted that they had issued me a card.  I insisted that I had only one card with a small balance, and was not interested in their credit.  During the argument I learned that they were Coast-Coast, that I had “purchased” the time-share with the MBN credit card, and the K Ranch did not carry their accounts.  I begged off until I could check it out.

I telephoned K Ranch.  I asked if they had received my letter.  Yes, they had cancelled my time-share in response to my request six months earlier.  I heard them say that  they had received the letter and had responded by cancelling my “membership”.  I apparently “owned” the “MEMBERSHIP”.  I did not own a time-share.  Instead, I owned an inactive membership.  I asked if   I could sell the “membership” and use the funds to pay myself out of the contract.  They offered to sell it for me.  I was not allowed to sell it for myself, and they added, it would cost me four thousand dollars to have them sell it for me.  They added unprompted, that their lawyers had gone over the contracts and it was iron clad.  They said it would cost me a fee to reactivate the membership.

Then, I explained to MBN that I had written them six months earlier and wondered why they were under the cloak of an in-house account that was a credit card.  MBN offered to settle if I would pay the account.  I told them that MBN had not contacted me.  I had been unhappy and had proactively written them and asked to be settle the contract. The representative said they did not read mail, and insisted that I pay.  After a lengthy back and forth, MBN suggested that they make an offer, but indicated my credit would be damaged.  The dickering went back and forth and MBN finally suggested I pay twenty-two hundred dollars to them.  I told them I would pray about it for a day.  The following day I told them I could not pay the lump sum, that I felt they were cheating me.   Angry, the MBN representative said he was turning the account over to a collection agency.

To my sorrow, my youngest daughter died suddenly the next month.  At about the same time I heard for the first time from someone called Tony.  She said she was from “The Bureaus”.  I realize that I was not well enough to make decisions during this very difficult time. Somewhere during my mourning, I contacted an attorney.  I told them the history of this problem, and I told them that I had an attorney.  I signed no agreement with them.   My attorney was pregnant with twins.  So, I told them I would send the same amount, $84, I was paying Coast-Coast monthly.  I would make a good faith effort to pay them until my attorney gave birth, and/or when I could recover from my loss.  Since then, each month “The Bureaus” sent me one, later two bills, and followed by regular calls from “Tony”.

A little more than a year ago, I wanted to make a purchase and was denied credit.  I learned that my credit score had been reduced and that not one company would give me credit.  I had never had a problem with credit before.  I have banked with my bank since 1979, and my credit union for years.  Yet, neither they, nor others would give me credit.  I was paying The Bureaus and every bill I had regularly, yet I was given credit only after the attorney wrote a letter to the company. To read more click link.


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