T-Mobile G1 Review

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Everything you love about the web, will be found in your phone. This T-Mobile G1is the newest phone invention that connect with Google based on the Android Google or operating system. The buyer will surely love this phone because of so many good features. You can chat, email or even browse in your phone with this T-Mobile G1. It seems that you have 2 in 1, you have an internet browser and at the same time it is a phone. The looks of the phone is very stylish and fashionable. You can bring your phone anywhere you want and browse to the internet anytime.

Here are some of the features of T-mobile G1:

* Touch Screen – you can touch, tap, swipe and scroll your way through all the coolest applications, your contacts, browse in the net and more.
* QWERTY Keyboard- it makes you easy to get around or browse on the Web,easy to type e-mail and respond to texts. It is like having a computer keyboard.
* One-Touch Google Search- you can even search within your applications using the related search function just like the way you were searching something in the computer.
* Real Web Browsing- you can access your favorite pages and browse like you were sitting at your computer.
* Easy Access to Google Apps- GoogleTalk, Google Calendar, YouTube, and even Google Maps are all easy to access.
* 3G Network and Wi-Fi Access- it has a high speed and even it can connect to wi-fi
* IM- you will never miss all of your important messages or incoming message, you just need to sign in into your Google account and you will received it anywhere you go. It will always stay in your phone.
* Text- just like other phone, you can text your friends, lover, and family anytime using your QWERTY keyboard.
* E-mail- you can check you email anytime you want
* 3.2 Megapixel Camera- you can take picture in a clear and good quality
* YouTube Videos- you can also watch movies or videos in YouTube
* Music Player- download your favorite music in your phone
* Android Market- download the hottest applications from Android Market – just one touch away. With games, social networking, on-the-go shopping applications and more, you’ll get more done and get it done on your schedule.
* Customizable Home Screen- create your own themes or wallpaper from your photos. Whatever you access most, or want to see everyday can be put front and center so your phone
* Notification Pane- its all keep track of your downloads, check missed calls, voice mail and more.
* myFaves- an exclusive feature that lets you call your five favorite numbers, even landlines, as much as you like.


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