A short letter to Faith

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Here we are again after so many years of being together side by side. Of course at the beginning we didn’t think so. Now see me here stting next to him, reading all of these letters that we wrote together. All of these photos of the adventures that we lived together and far away from each other. Oh my God! I didn’t remember this; nowadays I don’t where I have my head. This letter here and photo tells about the best adventure that we spent together without the kids, because as you know I had your brother and sister before I met your father.

I remember like it was yesterday, I got a free ticket to go wherever I wanted. So I convinced him to go with me to Mallorca, a wonderfull and magical place that someone told me about. We couldn’t stay at the place that I wanted because it was really expensive for us, but the last day that we spent together we went there to eat and decided to stay. We got a good price because I told a story that we just got married and everything from the wedding to the honeymoon came true except for this place. The owners were such a great and romantic couple that the bedroom was a gift for us.

We played well our roles. I didn’t realised then that he was a great actor and a good kisser. Of course when we were alone in the room he apologised for the kisses. For me, it was like I died and I went to heaven and I was in heaven. The room was magical. The first thing I wanted to do was to take a bath and I did. While I was doing that, he was enjoying the view, the beautifull sunset. Then the night arrived and we didn’t know what to do next, so we decided to stay on bed, doing what we knew best, talk. We spent our last night talking. But there was a time, a moment when I looked at him, he looked back at me and then we didn’t know why it happended but it did.

The story of us began on Mallorca , it didn’t matter the age difference or the distance between us. For one year we spent time here and there as family. The day to face the facts arrived and I was about to tell him that I will quit everything here when he said exactly the same thing. What did we do? We both quit, we bought a map an we let faith decide for us. The day after that we got married, that day he surprise me with a beautifull charm brazelet. All the charms had to do with all the places that we visited. Two years later, Faith came into our lives, a beautifull little girl.  Our girl. We named her that way because was faith who brought us together and in honor of that our daughter got that name. Now sitting here, reading this, I still can’t believe that this happen to me. I can’t believe he is still here with me, with us.

I like so much to look at him how he sleeps and reads and sings and plays the guitar. There’s no day that he can’t surprise me. I was about to loose him once, I remember, he almost got married to someone else. He lived with her for about, almost four years and later on he called me telling me so excited that he was going to propose that day. For six months I didn’t hear anything from him until he nocked on my door and surprise me. I really don’t know what happened, I’ve never asked. I almost got married too. Everything was ready for our wedding but I couldn’t take that step after all. Now here I am and I’m about to hear the most beautifull song, our song. I still can remember the first time I heard it. I can say now that “he never let me fall and he really is the one” and I’m his or better yet “I’m yours” as it says inside his wedding ring, I don’t think he has realised it yet. Well here you have it my story as you wanted my little angel Faith. That’s the story of us. The story of Mom and Dad.


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