The trick to restore a shrunken sweater to its original size.

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Whoops! You are doing your laundry when you realize that along with the socks and everything else you have also accidentially put in your favorite wool sweater. Then when you take it out of the dryer, you suddenly realize to your horror that it now looks more like a sweater for a pet toy puddle than your old fall favorite. So you try to stretch and pull it, but that’s not working. What to do? Well this handy little trick is the perfect fix.

1) Mix a mixture of water and several good squirts of the hair conditioner you have in your bathroom in a very large bowl or bucket.

2) Immerse the sweater in the water and hair conditioner solution for thirty minutes. The sweater will magically(or so it would seem) expand back to its former size. 

3) After rinsing it with water, let it dry by hanging. 

So why does this trick work? First we have to understand why woolen appareal shrinks in the first place. This occurs when water gets between the fibers and causes then to tangle up. There is a substance in most hair conditioners called amodimethicone that untangles your hair. That substance also has the ability to untangle the wool fibers in the same way. How? Amodimethicone is an abbreviation of “amine-functionalized silicone,” which is a family of modified silicones that have specific properties. It forms a kind of protective coating around the hair folicles, causing them to have less resistance and untangle easier. Amodimethicone also helps protect from thermal damage resulting from styling tools, such as hot rollers, curling irons, and blow dryers. 


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