Memorial Day Celebrations 2009

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Memorial Day is quickly approaching.  There are normally several events planned to honor all of those that have lost their lives while fighting for their country.  It is best to contact your local township municipal authority to find out what local events are being planned in recognition of Memorial Day.

Many towns & cities hold Memorial Day Parades each year.  In addition, concerts are a popular pastime in celebrating this national holiday.  Many local concerts are held each year in recognition of this special event.

Restaurants many times offer special menus for Memorial Day Weekend.  You can check on line for specials or call the restaurant of your choice to find out what they are offering.

It is common that wreath-laying ceremonies are held at places in which dead soldiers are buried.  These ceremonies normally last about one hour.  These ceremonies give those present a real feel of how dedicated these brave warriors must have been.

In many states and counties church services of all religions are held as a reminder of those who are no longer with us because they fought for their country.  In addition, many times these churches will hold a celebrations which include refreshments following the church service.

Finally, many families just plan a simple barbeque among family members; which is always nice.  Remember, family is everything and these memories need to be cherished for many years to come.


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