How to make your own Easter Baskets while on a strict budget.

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With the troubled economy most American are becoming more cautious about spending money.  Easter is almost here, there is a way that parents can prepare beautiful Easter Baskets for their children and still remain on a strict budget.

First, you can purchase Easter Baskets, and Easter Grass at Dollar depot and it will cost you $1.00 for each item purchased.  In addition, they seem to offer a great deal on Easter Cards; many times the store offers two cards for $1.00.

After the purchase of the Grass & Baskets, you could then go to Wal-Mart to purchase your candy to go with the baskets.  Wal-Mart has excellent deals on everything including Easter candy.  You can purchase a large bag of jellybeans for about $3.  In addition, Wal-Mart sells decent chocolate & vanilla Easter Bunnies starting at $3.

After purchasing the baskets, grass, and candy, you can begin creating your own personal baskets.  First, place grass evenly in each basket.  You then want to begin to distribute even amount of candies in each basket on top of the grass.

For an added touch, you can purchase ribbons or bows for $1.00 and add it to the completed product.

There are ways to still enjoy the pleasures that holidays bring and remain on your budget.  Holidays are important and it is a time to cherish with both family and friends for years to come.


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