How to Market a Jewelry Business in a Local Area

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Having your own jewelry business can be a way to earn extra cash. But you can’t turn even your best designs into profits unless customers find out about your products. Use a basic marketing plan to attract consumers.

Step 1
Place a press release about your jewelry business in the local newspapers. You may write this yourself, or call the newspaper to find out if they would be interested in covering your new business. Think of an angle that might be locally newsworthy. For example, if your production system is ecologically responsible or your use local materials to design your works.

Distribute flyers in high consumer traffic areas. Place flyers in grocery stores, libraries, laundromats and local play groups or daycare facitilies.


Visit the retail and craft stores in the area. Leave your business card, a flyer and perhaps a few of your jewelry designs. Schedule a time to meet with the manager about the possibilty of selling your designs in the store.

Tell all of your friends and family that you are selling jewelry. Give them a few samples to wear at work so they can act as walking advertisements for your merchandise. Ask them to spread the word about your new business.

Schedule a home jewelry party and invite everyone you know. Offer free gifts for those who bring friends.

Advertise your jewelry and designs at local craft and business fairs. Include coupons for discounts and offer to do home parties.


Attend crafts fairs where you can network with prospective vendors and clients. If your budget can afford it, rent a booth at a fair to sell your products. You might also pay the usually small fee so that you can set up a table to sell your merchandise in a greensmarket.




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