How to protect yourself if involved in a Bank Hold Up.

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Although the world is a beautiful place, it also has a great deal of crime and corruption.  There are ways a person can increase their chances of surviving a hold up or assault by a criminal.  Bank robberies seem to be quite common especially these days and there are some things the average American needs to know if they ever find themselves in such a situation.

First, if you are in a Bank during a robbery it is important to remain as calm as possible and try not to draw any unnecessary attention to yourself.  In most cases, the robber is only interested in money and will not normally harm any one unless they feel provoked or threatened. 

If the robbers tell all those present to get down on the floor then you must comply immediately.  In addition, if the thieves ask for everyone to surrender valuables such as money, jewels etc, then it is best to surrender all personal items and money accordingly.  Keep in mind, valuables are completely replaceable, your life is not. 

Don’t attempt to play the role of a hero by confronting the robbers.  Confrontations can lead to serious injury even death.  Never attempt to retrieve any weapons from the assailants and don’t attempt to make any calls from your cell phone during a bank hold up. 

These situations can be quite traumatic and they can stir up many emotions in the victims.  You will have plenty of time to tell your story to the authorities and your stolen items may even be able to be retrieved. 

Additional precautions may include, registering your credit cards with services that provide theft protection as well as securing insurance on any valuable jewelry items you may own.  But always remember, your life is most important and that must always be your priority no matter what.   

Hopefully, you will never have to encounter a situation such as I have described, but if you do you must be prepared to defend your life at any cost.


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