How to Attract Customers to Your Handmade Jewelry Business

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Being the new jewelry business in town or on the Internet can be somewhat difficult and overwhelming. On the Internet, there is a lot of competition, and it’s hard to be that guy “who stands out” amongst the crowd. While it may seem overwhelming starting your new jewelry business, there are ways to bring in customers who might be interested in your jewelry.

Step 1

Create a website and a name catching domain. Perhaps you might use your last name, or something to do with making jewelry. Be sure that the name is not already in use or registered with the better business bureau. Look for other jewelry designers or jewelry websites to exchange links with. Participate in online jewelry forums, and get to know other jewelry designers to find out how they advertise their business too. Be sure to add your website to your signature. Also get involved with social networks, and add photos of your jewelry along with your website link.

Step 2

Write a press release about your jewelry business and submit it to local newspapers in your area. If you are unable to write a release telling about your new business, have someone volunteer to write it or hire somebody. The basic concepts of the press release will tell a little bit about yourself, about your business, why you got involved, and how others can view or buy your jewelry.

Step 3

Hand out business cards to everybody! Be sure that your jewelry website link is on the card. Add current contact information such as email addresses or phone numbers. Attend craft shows and fairs, visit jewelry stands, and give out cards. Leave business cards at hair salons, or gift shops in your area towns too. Create fliers and hang them as well.

Step 4

Hold a jewelry open house or a jewelry party. Invite co-workers, family, church friends, or even some of your child’s friends mothers or other relatives. Create an incentive, for those who bring friends-such as 20% off their first order, or even a chance to win a free piece of jewelry. Hand out business cards to everybody, and have your jewelry website showing on the computer for others to view while at the party.

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