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From sailboats to yachts – fishing boats to boats made especially for water sporting, the variety of watercraft on todays market makes it more possible than ever before to find the perfect vessel to meet all of an individuals boating needs. Whether an avid skier, or a beginning sailor, one thing all boaters seem to have in common is enjoying all of the pleasures of sun, sand and water.

Just as boating enthusiasts differ in their boating preferences as well as in the way they use their vessels, boat insurance coverage options also differ, depending on the boats uses, its monetary value, and its importance to the owner.

From simple liability insurance to full coverage life and property insurance, the boat owner will find many available options. Deciding on the right option, however, can be a tricky matter.

A boater who engages in speed boating, will most likely need a different type of coverage from the boater who enjoys pontooning, or the one who embarks only on brief fishing excursion, once or twice a summer.

Some things to consider when selecting boat insurance are how often you will be using your vessel, and for what purposes. Other important factors to consider are the amount of money you have invested in your boat, and the amount of personal property stored on your boat. The boat owner who has installed many high-tech navigation tools or the one who intends to store expensive sporting equipment on his vessel, will want to carry more insurance than the boat owner who has fewer extra items on the watercraft.                                                                                                         


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