How to Properly Use Nasonex Nasal Spray

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Remember this phrase when you are using nasal spray, “Blow your nose, and look at your toes.” Nasonex nasal spray is a prescription spray that helps those who suffer from allergies. It is non-addicting, and is safe to use on a daily basis. Continue reading to learn how to use this spray so that you can have positive results during allergy seasons.

Step 1

Take a kleenex and blow your nose to rid it of mucus.

Step 2

Bend forward and look towards your toes. Point your nasal spray in an opposite direction away from yourself and anybody else. Prime and pump it if it is the first time use.

Step 3

Place the spray pump into your nose and gently push down to let out a fine mist. Do the same for the other nostril. DO NOT SNIFF YET. Continue to stay bending down until you have sprayed both nostrils.

Step 4

Slowly rise up, and wipe off any access medication from your nose with a kleenex. You should feel some relief from the spray.

Step 5

Use the spray once daily unless otherwise directed by your doctor.


  • You will need a prescription from your doctor. Ask to see if he/she has a sample before getting a prescription.

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