A Brief Guide To Twitter

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What is Twitter?

Twitter is best described as a micro-blogging platform. You are 140 characters each time, if you do not have an update, first, perhaps a small amount. But, as you know more, it is simply amazing what you can in 140 characters.
In other words, Twitter is much, much more. It is like a huge forum for general discussion, but again, it should not be. It depends on how many people you have in the wake of Twitter. If it is by thousands, then your “Tweetstream” is fast and furious about everything that comes in. If you are only a few hundred or even less, then things are much easier to maintain, with.
Twitter is also a good opportunity for new people online, especially with similar interests to you.

What is a Tweet ?

On the home page of Twitter, you will be asked what you do. Honestly, not many people being, until you have a relationship with them as a result of the next. But there are some good possibilities to start. Follow a few blogs that you are interested, an RSS feed in a feed reader like Google. (Search on Google, if you’re not familiar with the conditions. There is information on the amount and it could take an eBook for you.) Startup links to interesting posts on Twitter with a link to the blog post. For example: “interesting post on pesticides in tomatoes. Link. Make sure you always have the http:// and www link not only the link is clickable in Tweetstream. If it is a long link Tweetdeck was a reduction from small to a URL.
Another good way is to tweeting quotes. Perform a search for some quotes from these interests and the beep. Personal development are large and also includes quotes from famous people

Tweet answers

You can leave a response on the tone we just the @ symbol before their name. This makes the Tweet to them are, like her, in her response to be column or page in the education Tweetstream. It is very useful, a way to start discussions with people to build relationships. Just one of its tone. Tweetdeck has a function when the mouse pointer on the user-avatar, name and symbol of the response directly in the field of posting.


People appreciate retweets, and it is a good way to make comment. Everything you do is RT @ before the name. With Tweetdeck, floating on the user-avatar and is all business in the area of detachment. Separate their tone of your comment, if you have one. I have most of the time in two tubes, the Shift key down on the \ characters. This is “| |”, which shows clearly the end of the other person and the tone of your reply or comment.
If other people retweet your tweeter, make it a habit to thank. It is common courtesy. Simple quivit @ Username 🙂 Thanks for the RT and send it.


You must first because the noise and after a group of people can be seen as a potential Twitter spammers. Build your base following slowly. Over time, if you hunt in terms of quantity, then you are able to more than an hour, but I would like to begin by 50 for departure. The reason is that if people, they are likely to follow again. Many people do not automatically, even if some do, especially in the Internet sale of the place. Some people are really watching on your home page of Twitter, to decide whether they are worth it or not for them. That is, if your profile and settings that you have all of the problem, you’re right place.


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