Everybody needs good neighbours

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I have lived on the same street all 34 years of my life.I bought this house of my parents because I like it here I got on with all my neighbours.That is until a few months ago when one of my neighbours got two greyhounds from a rescue centre for dogs that hsd been mis-treated.That was kind of them you woukd proberly think and we did too,until they started letting the dogs of the leads to roam the street at night and crap in all the other neighbours gardens.Through the day they take them on long walks and pick up the crap from the street so they look like perfect dog owners.So one night I decided to film the dogs crapping in the gardens I then showed it to some of the other neighbours so the could see and I wrongly thought would back me up when I went to show the owners.When i did show the owners they just told me to f**k off and their advice to me was to get a bigger gate and fence.We have a four foot fence up which we believe is adequate as we dont want to shut out all our other neighbours.So after a couple more months of it and a few more videos,including one where they even open our gate for the dogs to come and crap in our garden we go to the authorities who basically do nothing other than send letters out to everybody.So then the dog owners come banging on our door shouting their mouths of calling all the names under the sun we stood up to them and they went home with their tail between their legs.We hadnt spoke to them since and we just avoided thinking that was the end of it which it was till last Friday night when their thirty year old son decided to set fire to our car at 04:25 in the morning.We have no proof it was him so the police cant do anything about all we know is that when he came home saturday morning he and his mother had an arguement in the street where she said “I cant believe you did that you little bugger”.The police cant use this as nobody else heard them and when they went to ask about if they had heard anything in the they even denyed that her son had been home that morning.Then three nights ago I was sat out in my garden I overheard his mother talking to one of her friends telling her what he had done,I recorded it on my mobile phone but the quality isnt that good.Now we all know that the police have the technology to make the recoding better but we where told it only gets used on big crime cases not little ones like this.It might just be me but if there is a way of solving a crime should it matter what the cost is or do we have to wait till he torches my house and maybe kills one or two of us.While she was talking to her friend they got about how the youth of today have no respect anymore this from a woman who lied to the police about her son,I say the youth might have no respect but with role models like her how can they.We are at this moment living in fear of what will happen next so we are now looking to move away from here after pouring loads of money into this house to modernize it and make it a lovelly family home,and the six foot fence and gates are arriving shortly.I am not a dog hater and have donated to the dogs trust for over five years and the only reason we dont have one now is because I have a job that dosent allow me the time for one,but does complaining about another dog craooing in your garden deserve your car setting on fire I just dont think it does.


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