5 tips for internet users to enhance online security.

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 Using software: There are many software which promises to protect your PC from malicious files or increase your system/browsing speed etc. Always download such software from trusted sources. If you are using Windows OS then turn on your automatic updates. Because some software doesn’t do what they say instead they harm you. Many Trojan horse programs are there on the web now, these are the software which steals personal information from your computer and causes you severe harm. And the important tip is to update your anti-virus software and to install personal firewall.

2.)    Update your browser: There are several options inside the browser to protect you from many malicious codes entering to your PC. This is why most of the users recommend Mozilla Firefox for browsing. Many new browsers has a particular creates a sandbox while you are connected to internet, a malicious script mistakes that the sandbox is the real PC  and creates and start damaging it ,this option leaves your computer safe. So a updated browser doesn’t just means that it has a new cool look and buttons but it had also improved its security features. (turn off your internet if you are not using it)

3.)    Be careful while shopping online: I wonder why people get cheated while shopping online. Almost all products are available on websites such as Amazon & eBay and there are lots of online store which are genuine listed on PayPal. If you use these websites no one can get your credit card information since these are the most trusted websites with high secure encryption. So always do shopping with these websites. You’d better type the address in the address bar with your keyboard to visit the stores rather than clicking link from other websites.

4.)    Take care on cookies: With cookies information of your computer can be collected fraudulently. Anyway you cannot block cookies since to access almost all email providers including Gmail and Yahoo mail cookies must be enabled. But it is recommended to limit cookies in our web browser. You can ensure that other websites are not collecting information from your PC via cookies without you knowledge by changing your settings to allow cookies only from the trusted websites. There is a chance of people tracking your personal information in public computers after you’ve used it so before leaving a public computer don’t for get to the following action, in Firefox press : [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [Del] and from the dialogue box appeared clear all the personal data including history. In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet options and delete them from the dialogue box appeared.

5.)    Care while downloading: If you want to download software download from trusted websites. For instance you must download iTunes from Apple’s website alone even if you read “Click here to download the newest iTunes from Apple” on any other webpage. Never download files from pirated websites and limit surfing file sharing websites. And always read the privacy statement and licensing agreement of the software you download, if it reads “We are not responsible for any damages that the software cause you” never download that software- There will be other legitimate software for a low price with same utilities. Don’t visit porn websites, they also provide viruses also websites where you can download cracks also can inject virus to you computer.                                         If you have two computers use one for entertainment (and for your experiments) and don’t store any serious information in them. Use other for storing you data (better use Linux on this machine) and try not to connect internet with it, if you can’t, get an external hard disk store your personal information and install “Deep Freeze” software (Anyway know more about Deep Freeze and ensure that the software will not create problems for you, since it behaved in an unusual way in my PC and I had to format my computer to get rid off that software).  We can hope that in future, a software with complete security will release saying good bye to the virus age.


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