Do you believe in Reincarnation or Rebirth?

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I Was reading a book ‘Reincarnation of peter proud’ and began rhinking about this topic. I personally feel that it is not possible to be reborn, but again I keep raking my brains about the soul which is much more than just a body.It has thought and it is so refined, so what happens to it after death? or does it die along with our body? If so how? because there is no matter to it.

But there are some cases which baffle you with their accuracy and make you think deeply about this phenomenon.I had read about a case in Uttar pradesh in India where a 6 year old boy remembered his past life accurately giving many details about his past life and even directig his parents to his former house in a village which was in a different village. The family had not even heard of the was an amazing case..

Certain scriptures in Hindu Mythology stress on this, where it is believed that humans take seven births .There are innumerable references to this . How and why did such a concept develop?

This has not been scientifically proven , but it somehow makes you wonder as to how this idea of rebirth originated in the first place, what was the basis for this belief in rebirth?

One gets to read about many such incidents that have taken place across the world where people were able to remember their past life and are able to give complete details about their past life.They also recognise their family members from their past life.This has happened in many places and even the scientists have no explaination for this.

But if one were to think deeply about this, we will realise that it is a very limiting theory, because if there is rebirth for everyone then our souls come back again and again..It is fascinating to think that since the same souls are taking birth , there should have been no population problem in the world. But since that is not the case and it is still to be proved either way, the debate continues as to whether Reincarnation or Rebirth is possible or not..


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