The Reason Why You Should Have A Blog Or Websites

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1.Because of your hobby
You can share your hobby with people all over the world.Maybe some of them have the same hobby with you.If you know how to write a poem or drawing,you can make a blog about that in you blog.Just lets all people know about your hobby.If you know how to cooking or playing music,you can give a teach to other people.This way,you can be more happy because you teach some people.

2.To find a new friends
Maybe you always remember you old friend from you old school but you have lost their contact.You can try to make a blog about you school and maybe you can meet with you old friend again.It will be the happiest day for you because only with you blog you can find you old friends..

3.To make pocket money
If you want a pocket money,you can make a blog.Do you believe that??It is not easy to make a blog that will make a money,I also in the try but if you know the right way,you can be rich..

And I will share you the simple way to make a blog

1.The first step is you must go to Blogger websites at
2.After that you click at ‘Create Your Blog Now’.
3.You fill all the information that is needed.Make sure all the information you give is a valid one.
4.To make a blog,you should know what you blog title n the most important one is to know what you blog address is.You also must know what the things that you want to post in you blog.You can check you blog address avaibility when you click at ‘Check Avability’.
5.After that you choose what you blog templete.Make sure you choose the great one or the one that you really likes most.
6.If you have finish that step,you can start to posting.


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