Are You a Worrier by Nature?

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I used to worry about every little thing a few years ago. But now I have realised that life becomes more difficult and dull when we worry all the time. I now take things as they come, many times even when I know there is problem ahead I prefer to carry on with my daily routine and face the problem when i come face to face with it. I have also realised that by doing this you become immune to most of your worries and start thinking in a more practical manner as to how to tackle the problem instead of simply worrying, you become more positive in your outlook….What do you all think about this? is it really worth wasting all that time on trivials? or is it sometimes necessary to worry over things?

I personally feel that it is better to accept that there is a problem and try to tackle it by getting to the root of the problem instead of just sitting and worrying about the problem.

I see many people worry about little things and try to involve everybody around them in this problem and expect others to do the same- worry like they do ! They are actually making life hell and definitely unpleasant for others.This , i feel is a very negative approach to life in general.if one were to sit and analyse and dispassionately get to the bottom of the problem, one can easily come up with some solution or the other.Sometimes, the problems may be more our imagination than it actually is.

So what we need is a clear analytical mind to face any kind of problem..thinking for a solution with a clear mind..


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