The Twins the Lovers

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The Twins The Lovers

On May 21, the Sun began its month-long journey through Gemini, the sign of the zodiac associated with the lovers trump of the tarot. The sign Gemini belongs to the element air and is ruled by the mental planet Mercury (the Greek messenger of the gods)

Gemini (Latin for “twins”) is the third sign of the zodiac.The original Gemini twins were Castor and Pollux, born to Queen Leda who slept with the god Zeus and then with King Tyndareus of Sparta in quick succession. Castor is the immortal son of Zeus and Pollux is his mortal “twin” brother, they were inseparable. When Pollux died in battle, Castor begged Zeus to allow him to join Pollux forever in the afterlife. As a result, the two boys were placed in the heavens in the constellation of Gemini, the Twins.

The mythology of Gemini is replete with difficult decisions. Castor had to choose between living as an immortal god or joining his brother forever in the afterlife. Other choices centered on Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra, the “twin” sisters of Castor and Pollux. Like Pollux, Clytemnestra was mortal, but Helen, being fathered by Zeus, was immortal.
The trouble with Troy began when Zeus forgot to invite Eris, the goddess of strife, to a popular wedding. To avenge the slight, Eris sent a golden apple to the wedding with the inscription “To the most beautiful goddess of all.” Athena, Hera and Aphrodite immediately claimed the prize, and a bitchy controversy ensued. To settle the dispute, the three goddesses agreed to binding arbitration by Paris of Troy—the sexiest man alive. Aphrodite bribed Paris with the promise of the Greek beauty Helen (then of Sparta). Paris decided in favor of Aphrodite who, in turn, helped Paris to steal Helen from her husband, the Greek hero Menelaus. Helen, who already had the hots for Paris, did not put up much resistance. The Greeks went to war against Troy to reclaim Helen, who throughout the war was divided in her loyalty to the Trojans and to her native Greeks.

The Rider-Waite-Smith lovers trump, numbered six (like the six stars in Castor), is a representation of the biblical story of Adam and Eve in the garden before the fall. Behind the two lovers stands an angel. Eve stands next to the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and around that tree is coiled the snake that circles the waist of the magician in card one of the tarot. Adam stands next to the tree of life with its twelve fruits, one for each sign of the zodiac.

In the bible, God created Adam in God’s image and likeness. Because Adam was lonely, God took a rib from Adam to create Eve, also in his image and likeness—a type of twinship. Adam and Eve were the lovers who started the human race. The serpent convinced God’s human creations to eat the forbidden fruit. Human suffering and misery was the outcome of that choice.

The Lovers card is not just about love and sexuality; it has several meanings which are all related to the duality expressed in the image of the card.The Lovers is mainly a card of emotions, and it often portrays love that is divinely blessed, This implies that nothing but good can come of it, but there is always a possibility of an emotional ending, in spite of the best of starts. Finally, this card carries the meaning of choice. The most familiar instance of such a choice, sadly, is the choice between your spouse and someone else with whom you have fallen in love. Alternatively, it could be between two possible partners, both of whom you love, but only one of whom would be best for you.

This reminds me of all those tragic Chinese love stories I have come accross in my research into feng Shui here is one such beautifully tragic tale. A young woman named Zhu Yingtai from Shangyu, Zhejiang, disguises herself as a man traveling to Hangzhou to study. During her journey, she meets and joins Liang Shanbo, a companion schoolmate from Kuaiji in the same province. They study together for three years, during which their relationship strengthens. When the two part, Zhu offers to arrange for Liang to marry her 16 year-old fictitious sister. When Liang travels to Zhu’s home, he discovers her true gender. Although they are devoted and passionate about each other at that point, Zhu is already engaged with Ma Wencai a man her parents had arranged for her to be married to. Depressed, Liang dies in office as a county magistrate. On the day Zhu is to be married to Ma, whirlwinds prevent the wedding procession from escorting Zhu beyond Liang’s tomb. Zhu leaves the procession to pay her respects for Liang. Liang’s tomb splits apart, and Zhu dives into it to join him. A pair of butterflies emerges from the tomb and fly away.

Ok so hopefully your love life is’nt as colourful or difficult as those above but for those who would like to inject a little spice into your love lives and erotically charge your relationships then below are some of my favourite easy to implement Feng Shui tips

You can turn your bedroom into a romantic retreat by using the ancient art of feng shui (pronounced fung shway). Feng shui is about enhancing the environment or the energy around you.

In feng shui, romance begins in the yin vibration of your bedroom. Excite the ch’i by making your bedroom romantic.

Here are some of the basic ways to erotically charge your bedroom with sex positive energy by using the guidelines of feng shui.

First of all remove all clutter so positive energy can flow throughout the room. Clutter blocks the flow of ch’i.

Get rid of items associated with loneliness. You should not have just one of an item, not one flower in a vase, or one single photograph or one painting and definitely not one night stand. Everything should be arranged in pairs to symbolize a union.

You should also avoid having a mirror directly facing the bed. The mirror should not reflect the bed.

You should not be able to view your bathroom from your bed.

Red, the color of love and passion, is best for sexual energy.

Women should avoid filling the bed with lacy pillows, dolls, and stuffed animals, comfortable but uncomplicated.

The bedroom should be an erotic retreat for a couple. Display photos of the two of you doing things together.

Open your curtains and let sunlight into your room during the day. Let sunlight charge your bed with positive energy.

Even if you can not apply every principle of feng shui into your bedroom, try to use as many as possible to get the erotic energy flowing.


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