How To Make Money With Online Surveys

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There seems to be an explosion in online paid survey sites at the moment. Unfortunately for the unwary, it is very easy to create one of these sites and not all of them are the real deal so it is easy to fall foul of the unscrupulous ones. Many of these type of sites have a single purpose; get you to pay a membership fee to join their site so that they in turn can present you with a list of other sites that pay for taking online surveys. It sad to say, but you’ll doubtlessly find that many of the sites you’re presented with either no-longer exist or are simply other sites asking you to pay to sign up to them.

These type of sites can charge anything from $30 to $100 for the ‘privilege’ of accessing their list of online survey sites that pay. Unfortunately, the truth is that all they really end up doing is wasting your time and more importantly your money. We have diligently researched both the work from home and paid survey markets, from talking with past and present customers, and have come to the conclusion that there really are only a handful out of the hundreds of online sites that can be considered genuine. The standards by which we judged all of the sites we reviewed were very strict.

However, there are around five online survey sites that can be safely recommended. They charge an approximate one time fee of between $30-$60.  We believe they are committed to finding you the best surveys for your time (and money!). The top two of the five, will give you a very simple five minute survey to complete once you sign up with them and will pay you around $25 upon completion. You can see then that the net cost that you have to pay them when signing up is actually only around $10 which is very small amount when you consider you are getting a reliable and sustainable income.

The top two sites can send around twenty five surveys to you daily for you to complete.  Each of one of the surveys has a pay out of around $15 to $25. There are occasionally surveys that will pay as high as $75, although they will be few and far between. Most surveys will take about fifteen minutes to fill in, although you should allow up to around thirty minutes especially for the surveys that have higher pay outs.

The paid survey sites we’ve identified provide solid money back guarantees (100% of your money back within 90 days, without any awkward questions). They can provide proof when asked. So, if you’re at all concerned about them, you can always give them a go safe in the knowledge that you have up to 90 days to test them out but get your money back if your not completely satisfied.

Our conclusion is that so long as you have around 3 to 4 hours per day available, you can make some extra income from paid online surveys. The money that can be made is obviously down to how much time you can spend completing these surveys. Quite simply, the more time spent, the more money made.


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