Understanding Bukisa’s New Terms

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We all know that when we deliver value of any kind, at times we may get carried away which leads to even more creativity.  But what about those who only sign up for Bukisa, using it for the sole purpose of advertising?  What most will not notice off hand is Bukisa will share revenues per unique click onto your article and will update the rate you are paid out on almost a daily basis for your creative efforts as an Author.  For some this could either be disappointing or “not enough”, but the truth behind Bukisa’s new terms is very simple.

Here is a quick list of the Don’ts to avoid pentalities:

You cannot add anything that represents mainstream news or citizen journalism.

The content you produce needs to be of an informative and educational nature.

You cannot promote any affiliate links tied in with your articles for the sole purpose of advertising.

Obviously, you cannot spam others by sending links via PM on this Author’s platform.

Lastly, all content you produce must be of your own creativity.  Bukisa will not accept content that includes any other person’s or part of a person’s content.

If these terms are broken, you could face penalties and perhaps lose your account all together.  Anything posted here must be of educational value and without the intent of “advertising”.

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Jennifer Korol – http://www.jenniferkorol.com


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