Keeping Our Children Safe Does Not Mean Choosing Convenience

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Keeping our children safe is a big part of our daily lives. What’s amazing to me is all the things companies and media say is safe for them, but really isn’t. Baby formula is not good for babies because it contains chemicals which can negatively impact your child’s growth, development and learning ability. Nobody tells you about that.

In our society we use diapers which are said to be safe. Only a very select few are really safe and Pampers is not one of them. Maybe convenience and money have outweighted our desire to protect our children. Pampers become very dangerous if their fluid holding capacity is exceeded. It is very easy for this to happen at night while your baby or toddler is sleeping. Once the capacity is exceeded, the Pamper gel starts leaking out of the diaper. Usually we use Gdiapers during the day and put a pamper on for overnight. Last night changed that. We will no longer use any Pampers diapers for anything. This morning when my wife got up, she unzipped my 17 month old son’s pajamas and was horrified by what she saw. The diaper had burst and the gel covered the lower half of my son’s body. Keep in mind that 5 grams of this stuff will kill a cat. I don’t like to think about what could have happened, yet someone is getting rich off this invention.

There are so many products which are actually harmful to our children, and companies say they are safe. When it comes to your child’s life, do your own research and find out for yourself. Don’t take my word, the company’s word, or your doctor’s word.


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