Tips to Help You Succeed in Your Diet

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In today’s world dieting is some sort of ritual, everybody does it even those who don’t really need it. Whether you are obsessed to get even thinner or you want to shred those extra pounds here are a few helpful tips that can help you a lot.
1. The first and most vital thing to remember is this – Supersize food equals supersize clothes. It is not quantum physics so it should be easy to understand.
2. Fruits and vegetables are essential. If you don’t like them then start by having one fruit or vegetable a day and then gradually start increasing.
3. You should eat at least two fruits or vegetables during every meal.
4. Relax before you eat. If you eat while rushing the food is going to take longer to digest. So find time to sit down and enjoy your meal.
5. People who skip breakfast are committing a cardinal sin. Breakfast is the most important meal during the day. So instead of having multiple cups of coffee to boost you up, start eating a bowl of cereal. There are a lot of choices these days so “I don’t like cereals” is not really an excuse.
6. Lots of people think that when you diet you have to stop eating out. That is not true. When you eat out, just eat half of your meal and take out the rest.
7. If you are by yourself try to skip any sweet dessert but if you are with other people you can share any kind of dessert even something like ‘Death by Chocolate.’
8. We all know that we can’t live without milk, but again these days there are a lot of choices. Try to go for the 1% milk and you know what that means? If you drink a glass a day of the 1% milk then you are most likely to lose 5 pounds in a year. Not much, but it surely helps.
9. Contrary to what many people believe, juice is juice and it has a lot of calories. Try to only drink one cup a day unless you do your own juice – take a few fruits and blend them with milk. Or if you really want to drink readymade juice then dilute it with water.
10. Never ever eat until you are totally full.
11. Diet Mayo or mustard? You should go for mustard.
12. What can you eat that is filling yet still has low calories? The answer is simple. Soup. Eat a lot of soup.
13. This looks simple but it’s amazing that a lot of people don’t follow this rule. DON’T drink sodas or lemonade even if they are marked as diet sodas.
14. If you work and only have a small lunch break start taking your own lunch. Prepare a healthy sandwich at home and never resort to going for a quick meal at those fast food restaurants.
15. What about alcohol? Alcohol has a lot of calories and therefore should only be consumed on special occasions like at parties or when you go out on weekends.
All these tips above sound very simple yet a lot of people try to over look them. They do help and if you follow them you will see a difference in a couple of months. So go ahead and give it a try. Also remember to keep a food journal. It sounds stupid but it does help too.


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