All about Back Problems

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Sometimes you can pinpoint the exact moment when your back problems began.  You may have injured yourself in some way, a car accident, a skiing misadventure, sliding on an icy sidewalk and landing hard or playing a game of touch football like you used to do in your twenties. You injured your back, by pulling some muscles, straining yourself or doing something much worse to your spine.

If you didn’t injure yourself, your back pain may be the result of aging.  As we get older we lose some elasticity and flexibility in our bodies.  We may still feel like we can race around and do cartwheels like we’ve always done, but the sad truth is that our bodies aren’t the same as they used to be.  The discs in our spine that cushion our vertebrae are aging and may not be able to give us as much cushion as before. Injuries may result in discs bulging outward from between vertebrae which results in pain as they press on nerves. 

Sometimes you don’t need to injure yourself or do anything out of the ordinary to have back problems.  Simple turning over in bed as you’ve done millions of times, or picking up a box the wrong way can result in a sudden sharp pain and days of reduced mobility.

Good back health is important-if your spine isn’t healthy then you’re not going to be moving around without pain.  In order to maintain a healthy back, you should learn a few simple things.  Exercise regularly, drink plenty of liquids, maintain a solid core to help your posture, when lifting heavy objects always bend at the knees rather than keeping your legs straight and locked.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help when lifting or moving heavy objects.

Nearly everyone will suffer some kind of back pain at some point in their lives-but you can do things to limit your risk of back issues by taking care of yourself and your spine.


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