Who Can We Really Trust in America

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Who Can We Really Trust in America    

By Dennis S Murray Sr.

For the past 2 plus years we have seen President Obama and the Republican Party fighting like cats and dogs, trying to defeat one another while watching the people of America drown. Meet the Press, The Situation Room, ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Travis Smiley Report, and Mad Money Cramer; continues their conversation and discussions about the economy but neither political party wants to be responsible for their actions of destroying the freedom of Americans. American people either don’t trust themselves or their judgment to hear the truth or don’t trust our political process to tell the truth. The blame game ruins rapid in this country, however, we need to live up to telling the American people the truth, instead of continuous in fighting among one another.

There is unrest among the American people; we see it in Europe everyday. It’s just a matter of time before the United States of America explores and the people rise-up with destruction in their minds against the beauty of our families and the country we are suppose to love. President Obama and the Republican attack one another only to delay the help for our children nationally. We idly watch this destruction unfold on network television with expects battling their explosive ideas but still no solutions from this destruction of our people. Every Republican hopeful for President wants President Obama job but none of them really want to help him and the people from this economic disaster. They want that title of being President of the United States of America. But all of them make more money than the job pays, so why have they not helped build America sense President Obama has been in office before running for the 2012 election for President. This is a question that the voters should ask NOW. Why is this title so important to these rich man and women? When will some of these experts tell the truth and make a real political stand and be accountable for destroying this country, because we are all guilty.

The economic explosion started in 2007-to present and in 2008 the government bailout of corporations with taxpayers money and none of the record number of CEO’s, Presidents, or Hedge-Fund Managers of these corporate executives went to jail for destroying financial documents, embalmment, and capitalizing on underserved-disfranchised victims in the financial marketing system. Each person in America will be responsible for 47,000 from the outrageous debt crisis we are in now. Is this fair to those that didn’t cause the problem in the first place?  Many of these executives just resigned or received another high paying position on Wall Street. They got rewarded not jail with promotions at taxpayers’ expense. This is the trend in government politics and Congress is proud to reward corrupt executives with these perks. However, if you are a low level taxpayer or if they just want to send a message to you, you will go to jail like Martha Stewart and Marion Barry did for 6 months. But they made more money in jail for those 6 months and came out even better. Marion Barry got re-elected as Mayor of Washington, DC and Martha Stewart open her new show on ABC despite being convicted of a crime.  But, the list goes on: George Ryan “Former Ill Governor”, Jeff Smith was “Missouri State Senator”, Lindsey Lohan, Keifer Sutherland, Robert Downey Jr., Paris Hilton, and the list goes on from actor to politicians and all of them still have the right to vote and live lavish life styles and work everyday making millions.   

Recently, there has been a string of stories about hunger in American especially our children that go without 24 hours a day. The question is always why are we not feeding these little babies and corporate greed still exist. When will the real Congress, USDA, and Department of Health and Human Services step in and rescue the falling.  USDA discrimination polices goes on forever, has anyone in the news media ask why. Have we real examined the culture of an agency that has so many discrimination cases against it? For centuries this agency has discriminated against minorities and nothing has been done about it. Who can you trust!  The Black Farmers Pigford I & II, cases are like the energizer bunny syndrome on and on until someone walks away. The former Secretary Glickman stood firm and take responsibility for those actions of an agency USDA paid the African American farmers and Ranchers in 2001, despite the reluctant of others to do so, Glickman took a stand.

Discrimination is the devil working and most people that allow this to happen are evil people. We should be better than this in a nation that talks about Civil Rights and liberty for all. Regardless of the outcome we the American underserved lose, because the government will never consent to these corruptive way‘s unless CNN blast them across the world like they did the USDA’s Former State Director of Georgia, Shirley Sherrod case. That was great political fan fare at it best, but it shouldn’t have happened anyway. USDA, Congress, and others are guilty of not changing their tone on issues that are destroying the people, which needs be nutritious with hope and posterity.

The American people don’t trust our leaders on both sides. They are destroying the minorities and outright annihilated a race of people in America. Look at the African American males and our underserved children that live in poverty everyday. The system is allowing those that are on welfare to destroy their only hope to becoming a better person for the betterment of their children and the nation. Too much mayhem and discourse in America with no respect or alliances to each other, unless it’s about profit. In the most monitories communities in the fifties despite racial unrest parents were respectful of one another and join their efforts to deal with any crisis, large or small in the community. Respect has left the room and proud has gone out with the wash.      

Recently on The Bill Maher Show the conversation got much applause regarding the debate of the wealthiest Americans and how they are linked to Congressional and Presidential politics. Forbes Magazine publishes the Forbes four (400) hundred billionaires every year whom control all the wealth in this country. Seventy percent of them have more wealth than most local cities and county financial budgets combine annually. But, we continually see our children and underserved communities in Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina without accurate food or proper educational tools. Go figure, is it that simple in America to starve the children and eventually they go away or die. During a Republican debate someone yell out let him die, if he doesn’t have health insurance. Is this what the world and those Republican candidates really feel? 

Why haven’t the Governors of these states improved Child Hunger, Education, and Poverty under their Administrations, when most of them have been in office for 5 plus years? This seems to be discrimination of the poor at its best. The Final Call Newspaper, Staff Writer reveals in a featured article on August 30, 2011 addition which read “the worst time for Black children since slavery”; while the “US child welfare surveys examine the recession our policy makers continue to do nothing too change the unstable environment in our schools and communities in poverty”.

Department of Agriculture; Secretary Tom Vilsack and the Department of Education Arne Duncan might have good intentions under the Obama Administration but they too are throwing smoke scenes up the American peoples behind with minimal efforts to help these poverty stricken children and these Republican States. Recently, Governor Perry of Texas was quoting his record on helping disfranchised children in his state during his Administration, but no one ever ask him about his record on starving children during his 10 years in office. Are we that naive of a people to not question the Texas Governor or any elected officials about why their state is not feeding hungry children? Texas still ranks in the top five of states starving children and have equally amount of discrimination issues and disparities in education than other states.  Many of these states take Federal funded monies allocated to feed children and us it else where in balancing there budget. Who does the American people trust!

Reference: Final Call Newspaper; America Feeding the Hungry; USDA, Agriculture Research Service (ERS)           


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