Direct Sales Business by Using Article Marketing

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Why in the world do you want to spend time writing articles? If you’re like me, you’re business life is already too consuming and you need to spend less time on your business, not more!

First, it’s FUN! Here’s your chance to let your creative juices flow! You know how much you love your products. And at your parties, you love talking about them to the party guests. But now, you have a chance to take it another level. Do you sell scrapbooking products? Share your heart about the importance of creating a legacy of memories for your progeny. Passionate about candles? Write an article about the warmth of hospitality in your home that can be created by simply adding some beautiful candles to your decor. Think beyond the specific products in your line and create from your heart! You’ll see… it’ will stretch your mind and you’ll love every minute of it!

Second, it’s profitable. As you send out valuable content either online to article directories or offline to your local publications, you’re establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Because each article has a resource box, an author section with your information – name, email, website, email and/or phone, the people who read your article, will know who to contact… YOU!

Third, it sets you apart. Direct Sales is a competitive business and most likely if you’re in company that’s more than a year or two old, you’re not the only representative around. By writing articles and establishing credibility, you’re setting yourself apart from other consultants in your own company and in competing ones as well.

When you think you and your article are ready, it’s time to submit it to your local paper or to online article directories. Just do an Internet search for “article directories” as a good starting point.

Here are some quick suggestions:

  • Read some other articles online that fit in with the theme of your particular product line.

  • Pick your favorite product from your direct sales catalog. Take a long look at it and think about WHY this is your favorite. What can it “do” for your customers… what’s it’s value.

  • Write down your thoughts about the product in list form. Look through the list and find some “key words” that really stand out.

  • Using those key words, start to build a story about the experience of the product…. not the specific product itself. This is where you really begin to write an article rather than a sales pitch.

  • Now just keep writing…tweak, change, set it aside for a day and come back to it. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come to you right away, especially if you’re not a writer by nature.

  • Take a risk and have a good friend read and critique your thoughts. Be open to her ideas and rewrite again.


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