Mirena IUC Birth Control Experience

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I chose to get the Mirena IUC birth control device because I did not want to have another unplanned pregnancy. I am not the type that can remember to take birth control pills and I’d already been given the Depovera shot years before and was so unhappy with the side effects that resulted from the DepoVera.

It’s been almost 2 years since I got the Mirena Device. The first few weeks, were not easy but now, I barely even realize its there.

When I was on the table at my OB/GYN preparing to have the Mirena put in she warned me that some women feel a slight pinch when the Mirena IUC is insert, other women grip the table and scream. I was a gripper and a screamer. The nurses outside the door at their nurses station I’m sure could hear my pain. Mirena is supposed to be easier on insertion for women who have had children. I thought I would be ok, but I didn’t stop to think that I had a C-section. My cervix had never been fully dilated before. Insertion hurt.

I was sore for awhile but it eventually went away. What I encountered next and for weeks following was this constant period. I was bleeding almost everyday just a little bit to be an inconvience for weeks and weeks. It did eventually stop, infact my period has pretty much stopped all together. I only notice that I’m ovulating because my breast go tender once a month. In the almost two years it’s been since I had the Mirena Inserted,after the constant spotting was gone I’ve only had a return of my period once, and maybe 3 days total that I’ve noticed some spotting.

I wrote a more detailed account of my Mirena experience in this mirena article. Thanks to other women who have shared their mirena stories there are over 600 other real mirena experiences for women to get a good idea what they might encounter. If your interested, you can share your Mirena story there too.


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