Food Companies Are Sending Out Free Grocery Coupons To Consumers

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Free grocery coupons are highly sought after in the coupon clippers world. With the economy still suffering even those who have never used coupons before are getting into the hobby and are interested in getting their shopping hands on these free grocery coupons.

But where do you find them? What many consumers don’t know is that food manufactures actually send out free grocery coupons to their loyal consumers and to new customers to try and encourage them to move over to that loyal consumer catagory. To do so they take feedback provided by the shopper very seriously.

Food companies don’t advertise it, but they actually encourage consumer feedback. It is a free way for them to understand the needs and wants of their client base without having to spend thousands of dollars on a consumer opinion campaign.

What does this mean for the average grocery shopper? This means that for just a few minutes work, you can start gathering a mailbox full of free grocery coupons sent to you directly by the manufacturing company that makes the product. Plus, this method gets you coupons you don’t just want, but that are frequently on your grocery list.

Using a companies feedback option on their website is all it takes to get a little extra mail in your mailbox. Most food companies have a contact us link on their main website page. Sometimes its a little hard to find, but its there. Look toward the very bottom of the webpage, on the side columns, or even towards the top corners. Once you find the contact us button, follow through and use their form to enter in your details. Be honest, you want them to know where to send the free grocery coupons right? Provide honest feedback. DO NOT ASK FOR COUPONS. Food companies are more likely to provide coupons to people providing honest feedback then to those that are just asking for a freebit.

Your feedback can be positive, negative, a suggestion, or just a comment. Anything that your provide that is honest information, is helpful information for the company.

If you are interested in more information about how to provide feedback and a list of companies that are known to send out free grocery coupons check out this webpage about free grocery coupons.


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