NCAA Tourny

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Uconn has been winning a lot recently. They will easily sail past Michigan State. North Carolina will crush Villanova. When Villanova meets North Carolina in the final it will be a tight matchup but there will be one winner. Uconn will beat North Carolina. Uconn has faced some difficult foes in the tourny. They beat Texas A and M and then Purdue, a very good basketball team. Then they beat Missouri to advance to the Final Four. North Carolina has also faced some difficult foes. They had to beat LSU in a tough matchup and then Gonzaga, a very good team. They then took on Oklahoma and won it right from the beginning. They destroyed Oklahoma. Michigan State also faced some hard foes. They beat USC and kansas, who are two very good basketball teams. They then managed to take out the number one team in the tournament, the louisville cardinals. Michigan State has probably had the hardest tourny of any of the teams in the final four. Villanova has also come far. They faced UCLA and they then faced Duke a very good two seed. After this tough matchup they played pitt. Pitt had been on a roll and were defeated by Villanova. The final four will be a very intense round. it will be interesting to see who comes out on top of each of the games and in the final. The games will be very close and may come down to who has the last shot of the game. Uconn will win it all.


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