Titanium And Its Properties

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Titanium is a metal that most people know is super strong. In the movies, all of the super strong robots are made of ‘titanium alloys’. Well, people do use titanium because of its strength, but they also use it because it is light. It is also found quite abundantly inside the earth’s crust, and is in the top ten most commonly found, although it is always bonded to something else.

Titanium is useful because it is both strong and light. For instance, a backpacker may bring a titanium utensil kit, and although it is heavier than plastic, it is more durable. Steel is also really heavy, and you get the same strength through titanium.

Another interesting thing about titanium is that it is the only metal that burns with nitrogen, which is found naturally in the air we breathe. As a result, titanium is a popular ingredient in fireworks.

Titanium is also a good material for body piercings. Titanium is non-toxic, and is not rejected by the body.This gives titanium even more potential, as some doctors use titanium to make replacement body parts such as joints, hips, and other bone parts. It is also non-magnetic.For other decorative purposes, it is also used in jewelry, making use of the non-interaction with the body or other substances.This enables people who suffer from allergies or who work in environments that are corrosive to be able to wear jewelry.

But, under some conditions, titanium can be explosive.When the titanium is in powder form, or in metal shavings, if it is heated, it can explode and catch fire.Regular fire fighting methods such as water and carbon-dioxide methods do not work to put out the fire. It can also explode when a fresh surface, such as metal exposed from a scratch, comes into contact with liquid oxygen.Since a popular use is in spacecraft, which also uses liquid oxygen, safety procedures must be put in place to handle the metal.

Titanium has a Melting point of 3034 degrees Fahrenheit, and a Boiling point of 5949 degrees Fahrenheit. Its symbol is Ti, and its atomic number is 22. Ti has an Atomic weight of 47.


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